metpy.calc.azimuth_range_to_lat_lon(azimuths, ranges, center_lon, center_lat, geod=None)[source]#

Convert azimuth and range locations in a polar coordinate system to lat/lon coordinates.

Pole refers to the origin of the coordinate system.

  • azimuths (array-like) – array of azimuths defining the grid. If not a pint.Quantity, assumed to be in degrees.

  • ranges (array-like) – array of range distances from the pole. Typically in meters.

  • center_lat (float) – The latitude of the pole in decimal degrees

  • center_lon (float) – The longitude of the pole in decimal degrees

  • geod (pyproj.Geod or None) – PyProj Geod to use for forward azimuth and distance calculations. If None, use a default spherical ellipsoid.


lon, lat (2D arrays of longitudes and latitudes corresponding to original locations)


Credit to Brian Blaylock for the original implementation.

Examples using metpy.calc.azimuth_range_to_lat_lon#

NEXRAD Level 3 File

NEXRAD Level 3 File

NEXRAD Level 2 File

NEXRAD Level 2 File