We want to help you use MetPy and solve any challenges you encounter. There are many ways to contact us:

Help using MetPy#

Need some help using MetPy to solve your problem? The MetPy development team is following all of these, so you only need to pick one to share your problem. 😉

  • Stack Overflow: Ask a question using the “metpy” tag. This is the highly preferred option as it allows the community to benefit from answers to the questions, forming a readily-searched knowledge base. It’s also likely to result in the quickest response, as not only are the MetPy developers watching, but community members can also chime in if they know the answer.

  • GitHub Discussions: Ask your question and have a discussion with members of MetPy’s community. This is also a forum likely to result in a quicker response.

  • Unidata Python Support email: Send an email to Unidata’s Python support email address.

  • Gitter: text-based chat with the developers; sign in using GitHub or Twitter.

  • MetPy on Twitter

  • Unidata Python User’s Mailing List


Find a problem with MetPy? Looking for a feature we don’t have? File an issue!

Code of Conduct#

We want everyone to feel welcome to contribute to MetPy and participate in discussions. In that spirit please have a look at our code of conduct.