metpy.calc.moist_lapse(pressure, temperature, reference_pressure=None)

Calculate the temperature at a level assuming liquid saturation processes.

This function lifts a parcel starting at temperature. The starting pressure can be given by reference_pressure. Essentially, this function is calculating moist pseudo-adiabats.

  • pressure (pint.Quantity) – Atmospheric pressure level(s) of interest

  • temperature (pint.Quantity) – Starting temperature

  • reference_pressure (pint.Quantity, optional) – Reference pressure; if not given, it defaults to the first element of the pressure array.


pint.Quantity – The resulting parcel temperature at levels given by pressure

See also


Calculate parcel temperature assuming dry adiabatic processes


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This function is implemented by integrating the following differential equation:

\[\frac{dT}{dP} = \frac{1}{P} \frac{R_d T + L_v r_s} {C_{pd} + \frac{L_v^2 r_s \epsilon}{R_d T^2}}\]

This equation comes from [Bakhshaii2013].

Only reliably functions on 1D profiles (not higher-dimension vertical cross sections or grids).

Changed in version 1.0: Renamed ref_pressure parameter to reference_pressure