Classes for reading various file formats.

These classes are written to take both file names (for local files) or file-like objects; this allows reading files that are already in memory (using io.StringIO) or remote files (using urlopen()).


add_station_lat_lon(df, stn_var)

Lookup station information to add the station latitude and longitude to the DataFrame.


Determine if the NEXRAD radar is operating in precipitation mode.

parse_metar_file(filename, *[, year, month])

Parse a text file containing multiple METAR reports and/or text products.

parse_metar_to_dataframe(metar_text, *[, …])

Parse a single METAR report into a Pandas DataFrame.


Set the module for all functions in __all__.


GempakGrid(file, *args, **kwargs)

Subclass of GempakFile specific to GEMPAK gridded data.

GempakSounding(file, *args, **kwargs)

Subclass of GempakFile specific to GEMPAK sounding data.

GempakSurface(file, *args, **kwargs)

Subclass of GempakFile specific to GEMPAK surface data.


A class that handles reading the GINI format satellite images from the NWS.

Level2File(filename, *[, has_volume_header])

Handle reading the NEXRAD Level 2 data and its various messages.


Handle reading the wide array of NEXRAD Level 3 (NIDS) product files.