metpy.interpolate.interpolate_to_slice(data, points, interp_type='linear')[source]#

Obtain an interpolated slice through data using xarray.

Utilizing the interpolation functionality in xarray, this function takes a slice of the given data (currently only regular grids are supported), which is given as an xarray.DataArray so that we can utilize its coordinate metadata.

  • data (xarray.DataArray or xarray.Dataset) – Three- (or higher) dimensional field(s) to interpolate. The DataArray (or each DataArray in the Dataset) must have been parsed by MetPy and include both an x and y coordinate dimension.

  • points ((N, 2) array-like) – A list of x, y points in the data projection at which to interpolate the data

  • interp_type (str, optional) – The interpolation method, either ‘linear’ or ‘nearest’ (see xarray.DataArray.interp() for details). Defaults to ‘linear’.


xarray.DataArray or xarray.Dataset – The interpolated slice of data, with new index dimension of size N.

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