metpy.calc.lifted_index(pressure, temperature, parcel_profile)

Calculate Lifted Index from the pressure temperature and parcel profile.

Lifted index formula derived from [Galway1956] and referenced by [DoswellSchultz2006]: LI = T500 - Tp500


T500 is the measured temperature at 500 hPa Tp500 is the temperature of the lifted parcel at 500 hPa

Calculation of the lifted index is defined as the temperature difference between the observed 500 hPa temperature and the temperature of a parcel lifted from the surface to 500 hPa.

  • pressure (pint.Quantity) – Atmospheric pressure level(s) of interest, in order from highest to lowest pressure

  • temperature (pint.Quantity) – Atmospheric temperature corresponding to pressure

  • parcel_profile (pint.Quantity) – Temperature profile of the parcel


pint.Quantity – Lifted Index