metpy.calc.supercell_composite(mucape, effective_storm_helicity, effective_shear)[source]#

Calculate the supercell composite parameter.

The supercell composite parameter is designed to identify environments favorable for the development of supercells, and is calculated using the formula developed by [Thompson2004]:

\[\text{SCP} = \frac{\text{MUCAPE}}{1000 \text{J/kg}} * \frac{\text{Effective SRH}}{50 \text{m}^2/\text{s}^2} * \frac{\text{Effective Shear}}{20 \text{m/s}}\]

The effective_shear term is set to zero below 10 m/s and capped at 1 when effective_shear exceeds 20 m/s.


pint.Quantity – Supercell composite


>>> from metpy.calc import supercell_composite
>>> from metpy.units import units
>>> supercell_composite(2500 * units('J/kg'), 125 * units('m^2/s^2'),
...                     50 * units.knot).to_base_units()
<Quantity([6.25], 'dimensionless')>

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