metpy.calc.montgomery_streamfunction(height, temperature)[source]#

Compute the Montgomery Streamfunction on isentropic surfaces.

The Montgomery Streamfunction is the streamfunction of the geostrophic wind on an isentropic surface. Its gradient can be interpreted similarly to the pressure gradient in isobaric coordinates.


stream_func (pint.Quantity or xarray.DataArray)


The formula used is that from [Lackmann2011] p. 69.

\[\Psi = gZ + C_pT\]
  • \(\Psi\) is Montgomery Streamfunction

  • \(g\) is avg. gravitational acceleration on Earth

  • \(Z\) is geopotential height of the isentropic surface

  • \(C_p\) is specific heat at constant pressure for dry air

  • \(T\) is temperature of the isentropic surface

Examples using metpy.calc.montgomery_streamfunction#

Isentropic Analysis

Isentropic Analysis