DRILSDOWN Project (code repo here)

DRILSDOWN is a suite of software tools for geo-science (especially meteorology and oceanography).

Our goal is to make 3D multi-variable visualization easier and more scientific, through:

  1. Plugins, templates, and tools for The Integrated Data Viewer (IDV, an advanced Java application)

  2. Jupyter notebook tools connecting The IDV to iPython (or to its own kernel).

    1. to capture IDV images and animations, as well as full IDV states for replicability

    2. to push and pull digital data between IDV and iPython

  3. RAMADDA repository tools for displaying and publishing DRILSDOWN Case Studies.

Our name evokes “drilling down” to Cases underpinning a statistical analysis, but Case selection can be anything, like current weather whenever it is interesting.

User, please decide your level of interest:

  1. I want Mapes IDV Collection plugin enhancements to my IDV.

  2. I also want my IDV to interact with Jupyter.

  3. I also want to publish my IDV+Jupyter “case studies” to an existing RAMADDA repository.

  4. I also want to install a RAMADDA repository of my own.