Monitor Users

To see a list of clients connecting to your EDEX server, use the edex users [YYYYMMDD] command, where [YYYYMMDD] is the optional date string.

edex users

 -- EDEX Users 20160826 --

Logging Daily EDEX Users

To get a running log of who has accessed EDEX, you can create a short script.

The example below is a script that runs once daily at 20 minutes after 00 UTC, appending each day's edex users list to a logfile /home/awips/edex-users.log:

  1. vi~/
    /awips2/edex/bin/edex users >> /home/awips/edex-users.log
  2. crontab -e
    0 20 * * * /home/awips/ 1>> /dev/null 2>&1