AWIPS Grid Parameters

Abbreviation Description Units
0to5 t-5Day Mean Hgt m
2xTP6hr 12Hr Accum Precip from 2 6hr mm
36SHRMi S=Shear incr > 10kts 3-6km
50dbzZ 50dbz Hgt for 1 in. Svr Hail m
accum_altimeter24 accum_altimeter24 Pa
accum_dewpoint24 accum_dewpoint24 F
accum_dpFromTenths24 accum_dpFromTenths24
accum_GH12 accum_GH12 m
accum_htMan12 accum_htMan12 m
accum_numMand12 accum_numMand12
accum_precip1Hour3 accum_precip1Hour3 in
accum_precip1Hour6 accum_precip1Hour6 in
accum_precip6Hour24 accum_precip6Hour24 in
accum_prMan12 accum_prMan12 Pa
accum_rawMETAR24 accum_rawMETAR24
accum_sfcPress3 accum_sfcPress3 Pa
accum_temperature24 accum_temperatur24 in
accum_tempFromTenths24 accum_tempFromTenths24 in
accum_windDir24 accum_windDir24 in
accum_windSpeed24 accum_windSpeed24 in
ACOND Aerodynamic conductance m/s
adimc Additional Impervious Area Water Content %
ageoVC Ageo Vert Circ
ageoW Ageo Wind m/s
ageoWM Magnitude Ageo Wind m/s
ALBDO Albedo %
Along Component Along m/s
Alt24Chg Alt24Chg Pa
Alti Altimeter hPa
ANCConvectiveOutlook ANC Convective Outlook
ANCFinalForecast ANC Final Forecast dBZ
ANCLayerCompositeReflectivity ANC Layer Composite Reflectivity dBZ
AppT Apparent Temperature °F
AV Absolute Vorticity /s
AV Vorticity /s
BARO Barometric Velocity Vectors m/s
BASSW Spectrum Width kts
BdEPT06 Max ThetaE Difference (3-6km Min minus 0-3km Max) K
BGRUN Baseflow-Groundwater Runoff kg/m^2
BLI Best (4 layer) Lifted Index K
BLI Best Lifted Index K
BlkMag Bulk Shear Magnitude m/s
BlkShr Bulk Shear Vectors m/s
BMIXL Blackadar's Mixing Length Scale m
BREFMaxHourly Hourly Base Reflectivity Maximum dBZ
BrightBandBottomHeight Bright Band Bottom Height m
BrightBandTopHeight Bright Band Top Height m
BRN Net Bulk Richardson Number
BRNEHIi 72% Supercell Cases Tornadic
BRNmag m/s
BRNvec m/s
BRTMP Brightness Temperature K
CAPE Convective Available Potential Energy J/kg
CAPEc1 Prob CAPE > 500 J/kg %
CAPEc2 Prob CAPE > 1000 J/kg %
CAPEc3 Prob CAPE > 2000 J/kg %
CAPEc4 Prob CAPE > 3000 J/kg %
CAPEc5 Prob CAPE > 4000 J/kg %
CapeStk Cape Stack
capeToLvl cape up to level
CAT Clear Air Turbulence %
cCape Computed CAPE J/kg
cCin Computed CIN J/kg
CCOND Canopy Conductance m/s
CCP Cloud Cover %
CCPerranl Cloud Cover Analysis Uncertainty %
CD Drag Coefficient Numeric
CDCON Convective Cloud Cover %
CDUVB Clear sky UV-B Downward Solar Flux W/m^2
CEIL Ceiling m
CFRZR Categorical Freezing Rain
CFRZR Categorical Freezing Rain bit
CFRZRc1 Chc of Measurable FZRA (Dominant) %
CFRZRmean Categorical Freezing Precip mean
CFRZRsprd Categorical Freezing Precip sprd
CIce Cloud Ice g/m^3
CICE Cloud Ice kg/m^2
CICEP Categorical Ice Pellets
CICEP Categorical Ice Pellets bit
CICEPc1 Chc of Measurable IP (Dominant) %
CICEPmean Categorical Ice Pellets mean
CICEPsprd Categorical Ice Pellets sprd
Cig Ceiling Height
Cigc1 Prob Ceiling Hgt < 500 ft %
Cigc2 Prob Ceiling Hgt < 1000 ft %
Cigc3 Prob Ceiling Hgt < 3000 ft %
CIn Convective Inhibition J/kg
ClCond Cloud Condensate g/m^3
CLGTN Categorical Lightning Potential
CLGTN2hr 2hr Categorical Lightning Potential
climoPW PW % of normal %
climoPWimp Import NARR PW in
CloudCover Cloud Cover K
CLWMR Cloud Mixing Ratio kg/kg
CnvP2hr 2hr Convective probability %
CnvPcat Categorical convective potential
CNWAT Plant Canopy Surface Water mm
COCO Correlation Coefficient
CompositeReflectivityMaxHourly Hourly Composite Reflectivity Maximum dBZ
CONUSMergedReflectivity CONUS Merged Reflectivity dBZ
CONUSPlusMergedReflectivity CONUS-Plus Merged Reflectivity dBZ
CONVP Categorical Convection Potential
CONVP2hr 2hr Convection potential
Corf Corfidi Vectors m/s
CorfF Corfidi Vectors-Forward Prop kn
CorfFM Corfidi Vec-Forward Mag kn
CorfM Corfidi Vec Mag kn
covCat Coverage Category %
CP Conv Precip mm
CP Convective Precipitation mm
CP12hr Convective Precipitation(12 hours) mm
CP1hr Convective Precipitation(1 hour) mm
CP3hr Convective Precipitation(3 hours) mm
CP6hr Convective Precipitation(6 hours) mm
CP9hr Convective Precipitation(9 hours) mm
CP-GFS Convective Precipitation for GFS mm
CPOFP Percent of Frozen Precipitation %
CPOFP Probability of Frozen precip %
CPOFP Probability of Frozen Precip %
CPOLP Probability of liquid precip %
CPOP Categorical POP
CPOZP Probability of Freezing Precip %
CPOZP Probability of Freezing Precip %
CPr Condensation Pressure hPa
CPRAT Convective Precipitation Rate mm/s
CPrD Condensation Pressure Deficit hPa
CRAIN Categorical Rain
CRAIN Categorical Rain bit
CRAINc1 Chc of Measurable Rain (Dominant) %
CRAINmean Categorical Rain mean
CRAINsprd Categorical Rain sprd
CritT1 Layer Min Temperature -6C, -10C K
CSDLF Clear Sky Downward Long Wave Flux W/m^2
CSDSF Clear Sky Downward Solar Flux W/m^2
CSNOW Categorical Snow
CSNOW Categorical Snow bit
CSNOWc1 Chc of Measurable Snow (Dominant) %
CSNOWmean Categorical Snow mean
CSNOWsprd Categorical Snow sprd
CSSI CO Svr Storm Idx
CSULF Clear Sky Upward Long Wave Flux W/m^2
CSUSF Clear Sky Upward Solar Flux W/m^2
cTOT Cross Totals C
CTSTM Categorical Tstorm
CTyp Cloud Type
CUEFI Convective Cloud Efficiency non-dim
CumNrm Normalized Cumulative Shear /s
CumShr Cumulative Shear m/s
CURU Cu Rule 0>SKC,-1>SCT,-4<BKN,-6<OVC
CW Cloud Water g/m^3
CWAT Cloud Water mm
CWORK Cloud Work Function J/kg
CXR Comp Refl dBZ
dCape Downdraft CAPE J/kg
defV Deformation sec^-1
df Duct Function
dGH12 12hr Height Change m
DIABi Omega from Diabatic Effects dPa/s
diam Feature Diameter km
Dir24Chg Dir24Chg °
DIRC Current Direction °
DIRC Surface Current Direction degree
dirPW Primary Wave Direction
DIRPW Primary Wave Direction deg
dirSW Secondary Wave Direction
DIRSW Secondary Wave Direction deg
DivF Frontogenesis Vector Divergence K/m/s^2
DivFn Fn Vector Divergence K/m/s^2
DivFs Fs Vector Divergence K/m/s^2
DLWRF Downward Long-Wave Rad. Flux W/m^2
dP Pressure Thickness mb
dP1hr 1hr MSL Press Change hPa
Dp24Chg Dp24Chg °F
dP3hr 3hr MSL Press Change hPa
dP6hr 6hr MSL Press Change hPa
DpD Dew Point Depression K
DpD Dewpoint depression K
DpDt Local Pressure Derivative hPa/s
Dpress Pressure Difference hPa
DpT Dew Point Temperature K
DpT Dewpoint temperature K
DpTerranl Dew Point Temperature Error Analysis K
DpTerranl Dewpoint Analysis Uncertainty K
DpTmean Dewpoint Temp mean K
DpTsprd Dewpoint Temp sprd K
dPW1hr 1hr Precipitable Water Change in
dPW3hr 3hr Precipitable Water Change in
dPW6hr 6hr Precipitable Water Change in
DSLM Deviation Of Sea Level from Mean m
DSWRF Downward Short-Wave Radiation Flux W/m^2
dT Vrt Temp Chg
DthDt Total Theta Tendency K/S
DUVB UV-B Downward Solar Flux W/m^2
dVAdv Diff vort Adv /s*1.0E9
dZ Thickness m
EchoTop18 18 dBZ Echo Top km
EchoTop30 30 dBZ Echo Top km
EchoTop50 50 dBZ Echo Top km
EchoTop60 60 dBZ Echo Top km
EHI Energy Helicity Index
EHI01 Energy Helicity Index 0-1km m*m/s*s
EHIi Energy Helicity Index
ELEV Ocean Surface Elevation Relative to Geoid m
ELEV Tidal Height m
ELON East Longitude (0 to 360) deg
EMSP MSLP (ETA Reduction) Pa
EPT Equiv Pot Temp K
EPT Equivalent Potential Temperature K
EPTA Equiv Pot Temp Adv K/s
EPTC Equiv Pot Temp Conv K/s
EPTGrd Theta-E Gradient K/m
EPTGrdM Theta-E Grad Mag K/m
EPTs Saturated Equiv Pot Temp K
EPVg Geo Equiv Pot Vort K/hPa/s
EPVs Saturated Equiv Pot Vort K/hPa/s
EPVt1 Instability is Slantwise=S Upright=U
EPVt2 EPV* Instability is Slantwise=S Upright=U
ESP Enhanced Stretching Potential (ML)
ESP2 ESP gamma
ETCWL Extra Tropical Storm Surge Combined Surge and Tide m
ETSRG Extra Tropical Storm Surge m
EVBS Direct Evaporation from Bare Soil W/m^2
EVCW Canopy water evaporation W/m^2
EVP Evaporation kg/m^2
FD Fire Danger
FeatMot Feature Motion kn
fGen QG Frontogenesis K^2/m^2/s
FLDCP Field Capacity Fraction
fnD Qn Div K/m^2/s
FnVecs Fn Vectors K/m/s
FRICV Frictional Velocity m/s
FROZR Frozen Rain kg/m^2
FRZR Ice Accum m
FRZR12hr 12 Hr Ice Accum mm
FRZR6hr 6 Hr Ice Accum mm
FRZRmodel Model Run Ice mm
FRZRrun Model Run Ice Accum mm
fsD Qs Div K/m^2/s
FsVecs Fs Vectors K/m/s
FVecs Frontogenesis Vectors K/m/s
Fzra1 850-1000 fz thk
Fzra2 Thickness: FZRA/FZDZ
g2gsh Gate to Gate Shear kts
gamma Lapse Rate K/m
gammaE ThetaE Lapse Rate K/m
GaugeCorrQPE01H QPE - Radar with Gauge Bias Correction (1 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeCorrQPE03H QPE - Radar with Gauge Bias Correction (3 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeCorrQPE06H QPE - Radar with Gauge Bias Correction (6 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeCorrQPE12H QPE - Radar with Gauge Bias Correction (12 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeCorrQPE24H QPE - Radar with Gauge Bias Correction (24 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeCorrQPE48H QPE - Radar with Gauge Bias Correction (48 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeCorrQPE72H QPE - Radar with Gauge Bias Correction (72 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeInfIndex01HP1 1 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 1
GaugeInfIndex01HP2 1 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 2
GaugeInfIndex03HP1 3 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 1
GaugeInfIndex03HP2 3 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 2
GaugeInfIndex06HP1 6 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 1
GaugeInfIndex06HP2 6 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 2
GaugeInfIndex12HP1 12 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 1
GaugeInfIndex12HP2 12 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 2
GaugeInfIndex24HP1 24 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 1
GaugeInfIndex24HP2 24 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 2
GaugeInfIndex48HP1 48 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 1
GaugeInfIndex48HP2 48 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 2
GaugeInfIndex72HP1 72 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 1
GaugeInfIndex72HP2 72 hour QPE Gauge Influence Index Pass 2
GaugeOnlyQPE01H QPE - Radar Gauge Only (1 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeOnlyQPE03H QPE - Radar Gauge Only (3 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeOnlyQPE06H QPE - Radar Gauge Only (6 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeOnlyQPE12H QPE - Radar Gauge Only (12 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeOnlyQPE24H QPE - Radar Gauge Only (24 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeOnlyQPE48H QPE - Radar Gauge Only (48 hr. accum.) mm
GaugeOnlyQPE72H QPE - Radar Gauge Only (72 hr. accum.) mm
GeH Geometric Height m
geoVort Geo Vorticity /s
geoW Geostrophic Wind m/s
geoWM Magnitude Geo Wind m/s
GFLUX Ground Heat Flux W/m^2
GH Geopotential Height gpm
GH Height m
GH12hour 12 hour Height m
GH2day 2 day Height m
GH5day 5 day Height m
GH_avg Height Ensemble Mean m
GH_perts Height Perturbations m
GH_std Height Ensemble Std Dev m
GHmean Geopotential Height mean m
GHsprd Geopotential Height spread m
GHxSM Filtered-500km Hgt m
GHxSM2 Filtered-250km Hgt m
Gust Wind Gust m/s
GVV Geometric Vertical Velocity m/s
GVV Geometric Vertical Velocity m/s
GVV1hr Mean 1hr Geometric Vertical Velocity m/s
H50Above0C Height of 50 dBZ Echo Above 0C km
H50AboveM20C Height of 50 dBZ Echo Above -20C km
H60Above0C Height of 60 dBZ Echo Above 0C km
H60AboveM20C Height of 60 dBZ Echo Above -20C km
HAILPROB Hail Probability %
HC Hydrometeor Class
HCDC High Cloud Cover %
HeightCompositeReflectivity Composite Reflectivity Height m
HeightLLCompositeReflectivity Low-Level Composite Reflectivity Height m
Heli Helicity m*m/s*s
Heli Storm Relative Helicity m^2/s^2
HeliC Helicity (for > 300J/Kg MLCape)
HeliD Helicity (NCEP Delivered) m²/s²
HI Haines Index
HI Haines Index Numeric
HI1 Haines Stab Term
HI3 HI1 Index Assign
HI4 Moist Term Index Assign
HIdx Heat Index K
HIdx Heat Index K
HighLayerCompositeReflectivity High Layer Composite Reflectivity (24-60 kft) dBZ
HPBL Height of Planetary Boundary Layer m
HPBL Planetary Boundary Layer Height m
HTSGW Total Significant Wave Height m
HyC Hydrometer Conc g/m^3
ICAHT ICAO Standard Atmosphere Reference Height m
ICEC Derived Radar Composite Proportion
ICEC Ice Cover
ICEC Ice Cover Proportion
ICEG Ice growth rate m/s
ICETK Ice Thickness m
ICI Icing Severity Index
ICIP Icing Probability %
ICMR Ice Water Mixing Ratio
ICNG Icing Potential %
ICPRB Icing Probability %
ICSEV Icing Severity Index
ICSEV Icing severity non-dim
ILW Int Liquid Water g/m^2
Into Component Into m/s
INV Height of MaxTw above FrzLvl ft
IP Icing Pot
IPLayer SFC Cold Lyr Probs Toward SLEET ft
IRBand4 Infrared Imagery K
JFWPRB9-20 Fire Wx: Prob Wind >= 17.5 kts and RH < 20% %
KDP Specific Differential Phase deg/km
KI K Index K
KI K Index K
L-I Computed LI
L3EchoTop Level III High Resolution Enhanced Echo Top Mosaic kft
L3VIL Level III High Resolution VIL Mosaic kg/m^2
LAND Land Cover (0=sea, 1=land) Proportion
LANDN Land-sea coverage (nearest neighbor) [land=1,sea=0]
LAPR Lapse Rate K/m
latitude Latitude °
LatLon Earth Location
LCDC Low Cloud Cover %
LgSP Large Scale Precipitation mm
LgSP1hr Large Scale Precipitation(1 hour) mm
LgSP3hr Large Scale Precipitation(3 hour) mm
LHF Latent Heat Flux W/m^2
LightningDensity15min CG Lightning Density (15 min.) Flashes/km^2/min
LightningDensity1min CG Lightning Density (1 min.) Flashes/km^2/min
LightningDensity30min CG Lightning Density (30 min.) Flashes/km^2/min
LightningDensity5min CG Lightning Density (5 min.) Flashes/km^2/min
LightningJumpGrid Lightning Jump
LightningJumpGridMax5min Lightning Jump Max
LightningProbabilityNext30min CG Lightning Probability (0-30 min.) %
LightningProbabilityNext60min CG Lightning Probability (0-60 min.) %
LIsfc2x Lifted Index Sfc to
LLCompositeReflectivity Low-Level Composite Reflectivity dBZ
LLWSWind LLWSWind kts
LM5 Bunkers Left-Moving Supercell m/s
LM6 Elevated Left-Moving Supercell m/s
loCape CAPE to 3kmAGL (Tv) J/kg
longitude Longitude °
LowLayerCompositeReflectivity Low Layer Composite Reflectivity (0-24 kft) dBZ
LSOIL Liquid soil moisture content (non-frozen) kg/m^2
lsrSample LSR Sample
LtgP2hr 2hr Lightning probability %
LtgPcat Categorical lightning potential
LTNG Lightning non-dim
LTNG Max 1hr Lightning Threat (flashes/km^2)
LWHR Long-Wave Radiative Heating Rate K/s
lzfpc Lower Zone Primary Free Water Content %
lzfsc Lower Zone Secondary Free Water Content %
lztwc Lower Zone Tension Water Content %
MAdv Moisture Adv (g/kg)/s
maritimeObscuredSkyIFR ft
maritimeObscuredSkyLIFR ft
maritimeObscuredSkyMVFR ft
maritimeObscuredSkyVFR ft
maritimeWind20T34 kn
maritimeWind34T48 kn
maritimeWind48T64 kn
maritimeWind64P kn
maritimeWindDir20T34 deg
maritimeWindDir34T48 deg
maritimeWindDir48T64 deg
maritimeWindDir64P deg
maritimeWindDirLow deg
maritimeWindGust20T34 kn
maritimeWindGust34T48 kn
maritimeWindGust48T64 kn
maritimeWindGust64P kn
maritimeWindGustLow kn
maritimeWindLow kn
MaxDVV Max 1hr Downdraft Vertical Velocity m/s
maxEPT Max ThetaE (0-3kmAgl) K
MaxGRPL1hr Max Hourly Graupel kg/m^2
MaxREF1hr Max Hourly Reflectivity dBZ
MAXRH Maximum Relative Humidity %
MAXRH12hr 12-hour Maximum Rel Humidity %
MAXRH3hr 3-hour Maximum Rel Humidity %
MAXUPHL Max 1hr Updraft Helicity m^2/s^2
MAXUPHL Max Updraft Helicity m^2/s^2
MaxUPHL1hr Max Hourly Updft Helicity m^2/s^2
MaxUVV Max 1hr Updraft Vertical Velocity m/s
MAXUW U Component of Hourly Maximum Wind Speed m/s
MAXVW V Component of Hourly Maximum Wind Speed m/s
MaxWGS1hr Max Hourly Wind Gust m/s
MaxWHRRR Maximum 1hr Wind Gust m/s
MaxWind1hr MaxWind1hr m/s
MCDC Medium Cloud Cover %
MCon Moisture Flux Div (g/kg)/s
MCon2 Moisture Flux Div (Conv only) (g/kg)/s
MCONV Horizontal Moisture Convergence kg/kg*s^m^2/s
MergedAzShear02kmAGL Low-Level Azimuthal Shear (0-2km AGL) 1/s
MergedAzShear36kmAGL Mid-Level Azimuthal Shear (3-6km AGL) 1/s
MergedBaseReflectivity Raw Merged Base Reflectivity dBZ
MergedBaseReflectivityQC Merged Base Reflectivity dBZ
MergedReflectivityAtLowestAltitude Merged Reflectivity At Lowest Altitude (RALA) dBZ
MergedReflectivityComposite Raw Composite Reflectivity Mosaic dBZ
MergedReflectivityQCComposite Composite Reflectivity dBZ
MergedReflectivityQComposite Composite Reflectivity Mosaic dBZ
MESH Maximum Estimated Size of Hail (MESH) mm
MESHTrack120min MESH Tracks (120 min. accum.) mm
MESHTrack1440min MESH Tracks (1440 min. accum.) mm
MESHTrack240min MESH Tracks (240 min. accum.) mm
MESHTrack30min MESH Tracks (30 min. accum.) mm
MESHTrack360min MESH Tracks (360 min. accum.) mm
MESHTrack60min MESH Tracks (60 min. accum.) mm
minEPT Min ThetaE (3-6kmAgl) K
MINRH Minimum Relative Humidity %
MINRH12hr 12-hour Minimum Rel Humidity %
MINRH3hr 3-hour Minimum Rel Humidity %
Mix1 850-1000 mx thk
Mix2 Thickness: Wintery MIX
MIXR Humidity Mixing Ratio kg/kg
mixRat Mixing Ratio g/kg
Mmag Moisture Trans Mag g·m/(kg·s)
MMP MCS Maintenance Probability %
MMSP MSLP (MAPS Reduction) Pa
MnT Minimum Temperature K
MnT Minimum Temperature K
MnT12hr 12-hr Minimum Temperature K
MnT3hr 3-hr Minimum Temperature K
MnT6hr 6-hr Minimum Temperature K
MnT_avg Min Temp Ensemble Mean K
MnT_perts Min Temp Perturbations K
MnT_std Min Temp Ensemble Std Dev K
ModelHeight0C Freezing Level Height m
ModelSurfaceTemperature Surface Temperature C
ModelWetbulbTemperature Wet Bulb Temperature C
MountainMapperQPE01H QPE - Mountain Mapper (1 hr. accum.) mm
MountainMapperQPE03H QPE - Mountain Mapper (3 hr. accum.) mm
MountainMapperQPE06H QPE - Mountain Mapper (6 hr. accum.) mm
MountainMapperQPE12H QPE - Mountain Mapper (12 hr. accum.) mm
MountainMapperQPE24H QPE - Mountain Mapper (24 hr. accum.) mm
MountainMapperQPE48H QPE - Mountain Mapper (48 hr. accum.) mm
MountainMapperQPE72H QPE - Mountain Mapper (72 hr. accum.) mm
MpV Saturated Geo Pot Vort K/hPa/s
MRETag Echo Tops m
MRMSVIL Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) kg/m^2
MRMSVIL120min VIL Max (120 min.) kg/m^2
MRMSVIL1440min VIL Max (1440 min.) kg/m^2
MRMSVILDensity Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) Density g/m^3
MSFDi Isen Moisture Stability Flux Div (g*hPa*m)/(kg*K*s^2)
MSFi Isentropic Moisture Stability Flux g·hPa·m/(kg·K·s)
MSFmi Isen Moisture Stability Flux Mag g·hPa·m/(kg·K·s)
MSG Mont Strm Func m
MSG Montgomery Stream Function m^2/s^2
msl-P MSL Pressure hPa
msl-P2 MSL Pressure (2) hPa
msl-P_avg MSL Press Ensemble Mean hPa
msl-P_perts MSL Press Perturbations hPa
msl-P_std MSL Press Ensemble Std Dev hPa
MSL1 MSL1 ft
MSL2 MSL2 ft
MSL3 MSL3 ft
MSL4 MSL4 ft
MSL5 MSL5 ft
MSLSA Altimeter hPa
MTV Moisture Trans Vecs g·m/(kg·s)
muCape Most Unstable CAPE J/kg
MultiSensorP1QPE01H QPE - Multi Sensor P1 (1 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP1QPE03H QPE - Multi Sensor P1 (3 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP1QPE06H QPE - Multi Sensor P1 (6 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP1QPE12H QPE - Multi Sensor P1 (12 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP1QPE24H QPE - Multi Sensor P1 (24 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP1QPE48H QPE - Multi Sensor P1 (48 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP1QPE72H QPE - Multi Sensor P1 (72 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP2QPE01H QPE - Multi Sensor P2 (1 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP2QPE03H QPE - Multi Sensor P2 (3 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP2QPE06H QPE - Multi Sensor P2 (6 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP2QPE12H QPE - Multi Sensor P2 (12 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP2QPE24H QPE - Multi Sensor P2 (24 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP2QPE48H QPE - Multi Sensor P2 (48 hr. accum.) mm
MultiSensorP2QPE72H QPE - Multi Sensor P2 (72 hr. accum.) mm
MXDVV Max Downdraft Vertical Velocity m/s
MXSALB Maximum Snow Albedo %
MxT Maximum Temperature K
MxT Maximum Temperature K
MxT12hr 12-hr Maximum Temperature K
MxT3hr 3-hr Maximum Temperature K
MxT6hr 6-hr Maximum Temperature K
MxT_avg Max Temp Ensemble Mean K
MxT_perts Max Temp Perturbations K
MxT_std Max Temp Ensemble Std Dev K
MXUVV Max Updraft Vertical Velocity m/s
NBDSF Near IR Beam Downward Solar Flux W/m^2
NBE Neg Buoy Energy J/kg
NDDSF Near IR Diffuse Downward Solar Flux W/m^2
NetIO Net Isen Adiabatic Omega Pa/s
NLAT Latitude (-90 to 90) deg
NST Nonsupercell Tornado (>1 NST Threat)
NST1 Nonsupercell Tornado (>1 NST Threat
NST2 Nonsupercell Tornado (>1 NST Threat
numLevels Number of Levels
O3MR Ozone Mixing Ratio kg/kg
obscuredSky2IFR ft
obscuredSky2LIFR ft
obscuredSky2MVFR ft
obscuredSky2VFR ft
obscuredSky3IFR ft
obscuredSky3LIFR ft
obscuredSky3MVFR ft
obscuredSky3VFR ft
obscuredSkyIFR ft
obscuredSkyLIFR ft
obscuredSkyMVFR ft
obscuredSkyVFR ft
obsWind30T50 kn
obsWind50P kn
obsWindDir30T50 deg
obsWindDir50P deg
obsWindDirLow deg
obsWindGust30T50 kn
obsWindGust50P kn
obsWindGustLow kn
obsWindLow kn
obVis Obstruction to Vision
OGRD Current Vectors m/s
OmDiff mb between -15C Omega and MaxOmega hPa
OTIM Observation Time
OZCON Ozone Concentration ppb
OZMAX1 Ozone Daily Max from 1-hour Average ppbV
OZMAX8 Ozone Daily Max from 8-hour Average ppbV
P Pressure hPa
P Pressure Pa
PAdv Pressure Adv hPa/s
PBE Pos Buoy Energy J/kg
PBLREG Planetary Boundary Layer Regime
PEC Precipitation Potential Placement in
PEC_TT24 24h Cumulative Precip Potential Placement in
PERPW Primary Wave Mean Period s
PERPW Primary Wave Period s
Perranl Pressure Analysis Uncertainty Pa
Perranl Pressure Error Analysis Pa
PERSW Secondary wave mean period s
PERSW Secondary Wave Mean Period s
PEVAP Potential Evaporation mm
PEVPR Potential Evaporation Rate W/m^2
PFrnt 2-D Frontogenesis/Mag Fn K/m/s
PGrd Pressure Gradient hPa/m
PGrd1 Pressure Gradient dPa/km
PGrdM Pressure Grad Mag hPa/m
PICE Pecipitating ice content g/m^3
PIVA Thermal Wind Vort Adv /s
pkPwr Peak Power dB
PLI Parcel Lifted Index (to 500 mb) K
PLIxc1 Prob LI < 0 %
PLIxc2 Prob LI < -2 %
PLIxc3 Prob LI < -4 %
PLIxc4 Prob LI < -6 %
PLIxc5 Prob LI < -8 %
PMSL Pressure Reduced to MSL Pa
PMSLmean Mean Sea Level Pressure mean hPa
PMSLsprd Mean Sea Level Pressure sprd hPa
poesDif11u3_7uIR POES 11u-3.7u Satellite GenericPixel
POP Probability of precip %
POP12hr 12hr precip probability %
POP3hr 3hr precip probability %
POP6 POP 6hr %
POP6hr 6hr precip probability %
POP_001 Prob of .1in/6hr Precip %
POP_002 Prob of .3in/6hr Precip %
POP_003 Prob of .6in/6hr Precip %
POP_004 Prob of 1in/6hr Precip %
POP_005 Prob of 2in/6hr Precip %
POP_006 Prob of .1in/12hr Precip %
POP_007 Prob of .3in/12hr Precip %
POP_008 Prob of .6in/12hr Precip %
POP_009 Prob of 1in/12hr Precip %
POP_010 Prob of 2in/12hr Precip %
POP_011 Prob of .05in/6hr Precip %
POP_012 Prob of .05in/12hr Precip %
POP_013 Prob of 1in/24hr Precip %
POP_014 Prob of 2in/24hr Precip %
POP_015 Prob of 2in/36hr Precip %
POP_016 Prob of 2in/48hr Precip %
POROS Soil Porosity Proportion
POSH Probability of Severe Hail (POSH) %
PoT Potential Temp K
PoT Potential Temperature K
PoTA Pot Temp Adv K/s
PPAM Prob Precip abv nrml %
PPAN Prob Precip abv nrml %
PPAS Prob Precip abv nrml %
PPBM Prob Precip blw nrml %
PPBN Prob Precip blw nrml %
PPBS Prob Precip blw nrml %
PPFFG Probability of excessive rain %
PPI Precipitation Probability Index %
PPI1hr Precipitation Probability Index(1 hour) %
PPI6hr Precipitation Probability Index(6 hour) %
PPNN Prob Precip near nrml %
PR Precip Rate mm/s
PR Precipitation Rate mm/s
prCloudHgt prCLoud converted to Hgt m
prCloudHgtHi prCloudHgt when in hi layer m
prCloudHgtLow prCloudHgt when in low layer m
prCloudHgtMid prCloudHgt when in mid layer m
prcp12hr 12hr probability of 0.01 inch of precip %
prcp3hr 3hr probability of 0.01 inch of precip %
prcp6hr 6hr probability of 0.01 inch of precip %
Precip24Hr Precip24Hr in
Precip3Hr Precip3Hr in
Precip6Hr Precip6Hr in
PrecipRate Radar Precipitation Rate (SPR) mm/hr
PrecipType Surface Precipitation Type (SPT)
PRESA Pressure Anomaly Pa
PresStk Obsolete, replace later
presWeather Present Weather
Prob34 Prob of Wind Speed > 34 knots m/s
Prob50 Prob of Wind Speed > 50 knots m/s
Prob64 Prob of Wind Speed > 64 knots m/s
ProbDpT50 Probability of Dewpoint temp > 50 degF %
ProbDpT55 Probability of Dewpoint temp > 55 degF %
ProbDpT60 Probability of Dewpoint temp > 60 degF %
ProbDpT65 Probability of Dewpoint temp > 65 degF %
ProbDpT70 Probability of Dewpoint temp > 70 degF %
ProbVSS10p3Layer Prob Vertical Speed Shear > 20 kts %
ProbVSS10p3Sfc Prob 0-2kft Shear > 20 kts %
PROCON Probability of convection %
PROCON2hr 2hr Convection probability %
PROLGHT Lightning probability %
PROLGHT2hr 2hr Lightning probability %
PRP01H 1hr MRMS Radar-Only ARI year
PRP03H 3hr MRMS Radar-Only ARI year
PRP06H 6hr MRMS Radar-Only ARI year
PRP12H 12hr MRMS Radar-Only ARI year
PRP24H 24hr MRMS Radar-Only ARI year
PRP30M 30min MRMS Radar-Only ARI year
PRPMax Maximum MRMS Radar-Only ARI year
PRSIGSV Total Probability of Extreme Severe Thunderstorms %
PRSVR Total Probability of Severe Thunderstorms %
Psfc Surface pressure hPa
PT3 3 hr Pres Change hPa
PTAM Prob Temp abv nrml %
PTAN Prob Temp abv nrml %
PTAS Prob Temp abv nrml %
PTBM Prob Temp blw nrml %
PTBN Prob Temp blw nrml %
PTBS Prob Temp blw nrml %
PTNN Prob Temp near nrml %
Ptopo Surface pressure hPa
PTOR Tornado Probability %
PTvA Pot Vorticity Adv K/hPa/s*1.0E5
PTyp Precip Type
PTypeRefIP Prob Precip Type is Refreezing Ice Pellets %
pV Potential Vorticity K/hPa/s
pVeq Equiv Pot Vort K/hPa/s
PVORT Potential Vorticity m^2kg^-1s^-1
PVV Omega Pa/s
PVV Vertical Velocity Pressure Pa/s
PW Precipitable Water mm
PW Preciptable H2O in
PW2 Preciptable H2O >1.4 in. in
PWmean Precipitable Water mean mm
PWS34 Incremental Prob of wind speed >= 34 knots %
PWS50 Incremental Prob of wind speed >= 50 knots %
PWS64 Incremental Prob of wind speed >= 64 knots %
PWsprd Precipitable Water sprd mm
qDiv Div Q K/m^2/s*1.0E-12
QMAX Maximum specific humidity at 2m kg/kg
QMIN Minimum specific humidity at 2m kg/kg
qnVec Qn Vectors K/m^2/s
QPECrestSoilMoisture QPE-CREST Soil Moisture %
QPECrestStreamflow QPE-CREST Maximum Streamflow (m^3)*(s^-1)
QPECrestUStreamflow QPE-CREST Maximum Unit Streamflow (m^3)(s^-1)(km^-2)
QPEFFG01H 1hr MRMS Radar-Only QPE-to-FFG Ratio
QPEFFG03H 3hr MRMS Radar-Only QPE-to-FFG Ratio
QPEFFG06H 6hr MRMS Radar-Only QPE-to-FFG Ratio
QPEFFGMax Maximum MRMS Radar-Only QPE-to-FFG Ratio
QPEHPStreamflow QPE-Hydrophobic Maximum Streamflow (m^3)*(s^-1)
QPEHPUStreamflow QPE-Hydrophobic Maximum Unit Streamflow (m^3)(s^-1)(km^-2)
QPESacSoilMoisture QPE-SAC-SMA Soil Moisture %
QPESacStreamflow QPE-SAC-SMA Maximum Streamflow (m^3)*(s^-1)
QPESacUStreamflow QPE-SAC-SMA Maximum Unit Streamflow (m^3)(s^-1)(km^-2)
QPV1 QVec Conv K/m^2/s*1.0E-12
QPV2 Negative EPV* K/hPa/s
qsVec Qs Vectors K/m^2/s
qVec Q Vectors K/m^2/s
RadarAQI01H Radar Accumulation Quality Index 1 hour
RadarAQI03H Radar Accumulation Quality Index 3 hour
RadarAQI06H Radar Accumulation Quality Index 6 hour
RadarAQI12H Radar Accumulation Quality Index 12 hour
RadarAQI24H Radar Accumulation Quality Index 24 hour
RadarAQI48H Radar Accumulation Quality Index 48 hour
RadarAQI72H Radar Accumulation Quality Index 72 hour
RadarOnlyQPE01H QPE - Radar Only (1 hr. accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE03H QPE - Radar Only (3 hr. accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE06H QPE - Radar Only (6 hr. accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE12H QPE - Radar Only (12 hr. accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE12Z QPE - Radar Only (Since 12Z accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE15M QPE - Radar Only (15 min accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE24H QPE - Radar Only (24 hr. accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE48H QPE - Radar Only (48 hr. accum.) mm
RadarOnlyQPE72H QPE - Radar Only (72 hr. accum.) mm
RadarQualityIndex Radar Quality Index (RQI)
RAIN Rain content g/m^3
Rain1 850-1000 ra thk
Rain2 700-850 ra thk
Rain3 Thickness: Rain Likely
Raob Raob Interleaved Data
rawMETAR24Chg rawMETAR24Chg
RCQ Humidity parameter in canopy conductance Proportion
RCS Solar parameter in canopy conductance Proportion
RCSOL Soil moisture parameter in canopy conductance Proportion
Reflectivity0C Reflectivity at 0C dBZ
ReflectivityAtLowestAltitude Reflectivity At Lowest Altitude (RALA) dBZ
ReflectivityM10C Reflectivity at -10C dBZ
ReflectivityM15C Reflectivity at -15C dBZ
ReflectivityM20C Reflectivity at -20C dBZ
ReflectivityM5C Reflectivity at -5C dBZ
RETOP Echo Top m
RH Rel Humidity %
RH Relative Humidity %
RH_001 Prob of RH Grtn 70 percent %
RH_001_bin Binary Prob of RH Grtn 70 percent
RH_001_perts Prob of RH Grtn 70 percent Perts
RH_002 Prob of RH Grtn 90 percent %
RH_002_bin Binary Prob of RH Grtn 90 percent
RH_002_perts Prob of RH Grtn 90 percent Perts
RH_avg Rel Humidity Ensemble Mean %
RH_perts Rel Humidity Perturbations %
RH_std Rel Humidity Ensemble Std Dev %
RHmean Relative Humidity mean %
RHsprd Relative Humidity spread %
RIME Rime Factor non-dim
RLYRS Number of Soil Layers in Root Zone Numeric
RM5 Bunkers Right-Moving Supercell m/s
RM6 Elevated Right-Moving Supercell m/s
RMGH2 t-2Day Mean Hgt m
RMprop Right Mover Propagation Vector
RMprop2 Elevated Right Mover Propagation Vector
rms root mean square kn
Ro Rossby Number Vag/Vg
RotationTrackLL120min Low-Level Rotation Tracks 0-2km AGL (120 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackLL1440min Low-Level Rotation Tracks 0-2km AGL (1440 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackLL240min Low-Level Rotation Tracks 0-2km AGL (240 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackLL30min Low-Level Rotation Tracks 0-2km AGL (30 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackLL360min Low-Level Rotation Tracks 0-2km AGL (360 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackLL60min Low-Level Rotation Tracks 0-2km AGL (60 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackML120min Mid-Level Rotation Tracks 3-6km AGL (120 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackML1440min Mid-Level Rotation Tracks 3-6km AGL (1440 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackML240min Mid-Level Rotation Tracks 3-6km AGL (240 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackML30min Mid-Level Rotation Tracks 3-6km AGL (30 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackML360min Mid-Level Rotation Tracks 3-6km AGL (360 min. accum.) 1/s
RotationTrackML60min Mid-Level Rotation Tracks 3-6km AGL (60 min. accum.) 1/s
routed_flow Channel Routed Flow [Low]
routed_flow_c Channel Routed Flow [Combo]
routed_flow_h Channel Routed Flow [Hi]
routed_flow_m Channel Routed Flow [Mid]
RR Reflectivity dBZ
RRtype Radar w/PType dBZ
RRV Radial Velocity kts
RSMIN Minimal Stomatal Resistance s/m
RV Rel Vorticity /s
RWMR Rain Mixing Ratio kg/kg
s2H2O_CLIMO Climatological -SON/DJF/MAM- Snow-to-water ratio
s2H2O_GFS GFS Snow-to-water ratio
s2H2O_MEAN HPC Mean Snow-to-water ratio
s2H2O_NAM NAM Snow-to-water ratio
SA12hr 12 Hr Snow Accum mm
SA1hr 1 Hr Snow Accum mm
SA24hr 24 Hr Snow Accum mm
SA36hr 36 Hr Snow Accum mm
SA3hr 3 Hr Snow Accum mm
SA48hr 48 Hr Snow Accum mm
SA6hr 6 Hr Snow Accum mm
SAcc Snow Accum via Thickness mm
SALIN Practical Salinity
SALTY Salinity kg/kg
SAmodel Model Run Snow via Thickness mm
SArun Model Run Snow Accum via Thickness mm
satCloudPhase Satellite Cloud Phase[8.5-11.2 um] K
SATD Saturation Deficit Pa
satDif11u12uIR 11u-12u Satellite GenericPixel
satDif11u13uIR 11u-13u Satellite GenericPixel
satDif11u3_9uIR 11u-3.9u Satellite GenericPixel
satDivWVIR IR in WV Satellite DerivedWV
satFog Satellite Fog[3.9-11.2 um] K
satMoisture Satellite Moisture[11.2-12.3 um] K
satSnow Satellite Snow[0.64-1.61 um]
satUpperLevelInfo Satellite Upper Level Info[11.2-6.19 um] K
satVegetation Satellite Vegetation[0.64-0.87 um]
SBSNO Sublimation (evaporation from snow) W/m^2
SBT113 Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 11, Channel 3 K
SBT114 Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 11, Channel 4 K
SBT123 Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 12, Channel 3 K
SBT124 Simulated Brightness Temperature for GOES 12, Channel 4 K
sce NOHRSC Snow Coverage Elevation kft
SCP Snow Cover
SCP Snow Cover %
SCWind SCWind m/s
SDEN Snow Density kg/m³
SDENCLIMO Climatological -SON/DJF/MAM- Snow Density kg/m³
SDENGFS GFS Snow Density kg/m³
SDENMEAN HPC Mean Snow Density kg/m³
SDENNAM NAM Snow Density kg/m³
SeamlessHSR Seamless Hybrid Scan Reflectivity (SHSR) dBZ
SeamlessHSRHeight Seamless Hybrid Scan Reflectivity (SHSR) Height km
SFCR Surface Roughness m
SH Spec Humidity
SH Specific Humidity %
Shear Shear (Vector) /s
SHF Sensible Heat Flux W/m^2
SHI Severe Hail Index (SHI)
ShrMag Shear Magnitude /s
shWlt Showalter Index
SHx Spec Humidity g/kg
SIGHAILPROB Significant Hail Probability %
SIGTRNDPROB Significant Tornado Probability %
SIGWINDPROB Significant Wind Probability %
SIPD Supercooled Large Droplet Threat
SLDP Supercooled Large Droplet Threat
SLI Lifted Index K
SLI Surface Lifted Index K
SLTYP Surface Slope Type Index
SMC Soil Moisture %
SMDRY Direct Evaporation Cease (soil moisture) Proportion
SMREF Transpiration Stress-onset (soil moisture) Proportion
SnD Snow Depth m
SnD Snow Depth m
SNFALB Snow-Free Albedo
SNMR Snow Mixing Ratio kg/kg
SNOL12c1 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 1 in %
SNOL12c10 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 24 in %
SNOL12c2 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 2 in %
SNOL12c3 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 4 in %
SNOL12c4 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 6 in %
SNOL12c5 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 7.5 in %
SNOL12c6 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 8 in %
SNOL12c7 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 10 in %
SNOL12c8 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 12 in %
SNOL12c9 Prob 12-hr SNOW > 16 in %
SNOL12mean 12-hr Snowfall mean mm
SNOL12sprd 12-hr Large scale Snowfall sprd mm
SNOM Snow Melt kg/m^2
snoRatCrocus Snow Ratio - Crocus/ECMWF
snoRatEMCSREF Snow Ratio: EMC SREF
snoRatSPC Snow Ratio - SPC
snoRatSPCdeep Snow Ratio - SPC 0-3km MaxT
snoRatSPCsurface Snow Ratio - SPCsurface
snoRatWPC Snow Ratio - WPC Mean
SNOW Snow content g/m^3
Snow1 850-1000 sn thk
Snow2 700-850 sn thk
Snow3 Thickness: Snow Likely
snowd3hr 3hr Snow Depth m
snowd6hr 6hr Snow Depth m
SNOWLVL Snow Level m
SnowT Preferred Ice Growth K
SNSQ Snow Sql Parameter
SNW Sect Norm Wind m/s
SNWA Ageo Sect Norm Wind kn
SOILM Soil Moisture Content kg/m^2
SOILW Volumetric Soil Moisture Content Proportion
SOTYP Soil Type
SPAcc Storm Total Precip mm
SPBARO Barotropic Velocity m/s
SPC Current Speed m/s
SPC Surface Current Speed m/s
Spd24Chg Spd24Chg kn
sRank Feature Strength Rank
SRMl Storm Relative Flow Vectors LM m/s
SRMlM Storm Relative Flow Mag LM m/s
SRMm Storm Relative Flow Vecs (Mean Wind) m/s
SRMmM Storm Relative Flow Mag (Mean Wind) m/s
SRMr Storm Relative Flow Vecs (RM) m/s
SRMrM Storm Relative Flow Mag (RM) m/s
SSAcc Storm Total Snow mm
SSi Isentropic Static Stability hPa/K
SSP Significant Severe Parameter
SSRUN Storm Surface Runoff kg/m^2
St-Pr Stable Precipitation mm
St-Pr1hr 1 hr Stable Precipitation mm
St-Pr2hr 2 hr Stable Precipitation mm
St-Pr3hr 3 hr Stable Precipitation mm
staName StaName
stationId Station Id C
stdDewpoint Std Dewpoint K
stdMaxWindSpeed Std Max Wind Speed m/s
stdSkyCover Std Sky Cover
stdTemperature Std Temperature K
stdWindDir Std Wind Direction
stdWindSpeed Std Wind Speed m/s
STP Sig. Tornado Parameter (>1 Sig Tor)
STP1 Sig. Tornado Parameter (>1 Sig Tor)
STRM Stream Function m^2/s
StrmMot Storm Motion kn
StrTP Strong Tornado Parameter m/s^2
SuCP Supercell Composite Parameter
SUNSD Sunshine Duration s
SuperLayerCompositeReflectivity Super Layer Composite Reflectivity (33-60 kft) dBZ
SVV Sigma Coordinate Vertical Velocity /s
SWDIR Direction of Swell Waves deg
SWdir Swell Direction
swe NOHRSC Snow Water Equivalent in
SWELL Significant Height of Swell Waves m
SWELL Swell Height m
SWHR Solar Radiative Heating Rate K/s
SWLEN Mean length of swell waves m
SWPER Mean Period of Swell Waves s
SWPER Swell Period s
SWSTP Steepness of swell waves
swtIdx Sweat Index
SynPrecip24Hr SynPrecip24Hr mm
SynthPrecipRateID QPE - Synthetic Precip Rate ID
T Temperature K
T Temperature K
T24Chg T24Chg °F
T24hr 24 hr Temperature K
T_001 Prob of Temp Lstn 0C %
T_001_bin Binary Prob of Temp Lstn 0C
T_001_perts Prob of Temp Lstn 0C Perturbations
T_avg Temperature Ensemble Mean K
T_perts Temperature Perturbations K
T_std Temperature Ensemble Std Dev K
Ta Temperature Anomaly K
TAdv Temperature Adv K/s
Tc1 Prob Temp < O C %
TCC Total Cloud Cover %
TCCerranl Total Cloud Cover Error Analysis %
TCICON Total Column-Integrated Condensate kg/m^2
TCLSW Total Column Integrated Supercooled Liquid Water kg/m^2
TCOLG Total Column Integrated Graupel kg/m^2
TCOLI Total Column-Integrated Cloud Ice kg/m^2
TCOLM Total Column Integrated Melting Ice kg/m^2
TCOLR Total Column Integrated Rain kg/m^2
TCOLS Total Column Integrated Snow kg/m^2
TCOLW Total Column-Integrated Cloud Water kg/m^2
TCOND Total Condensate kg/kg
Tdef Total Deformation /s*100000.0
Tdend Dendritic Growth Temperatures K
Terranl Temperature Analysis Uncertainty K
Terranl Temperature Error Analysis K
TGrd Temperature Gradient K/m
TGrdM Temperature Grad Mag K/m
ThetaE Theta E K
ThGrd Temperature Gradient ℃/m
Thom5 S-R Flow
Thom5a S-R Flow
Thom6 S-R Flow Suggests Tor Supercells
ThP Thunderstorm probability %
ThP Thunderstorm Probability %
ThP12hr 12hr Thunderstorm probability %
ThP3hr 3hr Thunderstorm probability %
ThP6hr 6hr Thunderstorm probability %
ThPcat Categorical thunderstorm
TiltAng Radar Tilt Angle deg
TKE Turb Kin Energy J/kg
TKE Turbulent Kinetic Energy J/kg
Tmax Layer Max Temperature K
TmDpD Temp minus Dewp Dep
Tmean Temperature mean K
Tmin Layer Min Temperature K
Topo Topography m
TORi BRNSHR,EHI,LRate>3C/km,CIN < 150
TORi2 BRNSHR,EHI,0-2km LRate > 3C/km
TotQi Isentropic Total Moisture g·hPa/(kg·K)
TOTSN 24hr Snowfall m
TOTSN12hr 12hr Snowfall m
TOZNE Total Ozone DU
TP Precipitation mm
TP Total Precipitation mm
TP120hr 5 Day Total Gridded Precip in
TP12c1 12-hr POP > 0.01 in %
TP12c2 12-hr POP > 0.05 in %
TP12c3 12-hr POP > 0.10 in %
TP12c4 12-hr POP > 0.25 in %
TP12c5 12-hr POP > 0.50 in %
TP12c6 12-hr POP > 1.00 in %
TP12c7 12-hr POP > 1.50 in %
TP12c8 12-hr POP > 2.00 in %
TP12hr 12 Hr Accum Precip mm
TP12hr Total Precipitation(12 hours) mm
TP12mean 12-hr Total Precip mean mm
TP12sprd 12-hr Total Precip sprd mm
TP168hr 7 Day Total Gridded Precip mm
TP18hr Total Precipitation(18 hours) mm
TP1hr 1 Hr Accum Precip mm
TP1hr Total Precipitation(1 hour) mm
TP24c1 24-hr POP > 0.01 in %
TP24c2 24-hr POP > 0.05 in %
TP24c3 24-hr POP > 0.10 in %
TP24c4 24-hr POP > 0.25 in %
TP24c5 24-hr POP > 0.50 in %
TP24c6 24-hr POP > 1.00 in %
TP24c7 24-hr POP > 1.50 in %
TP24c8 24-hr POP > 2.00 in %
TP24hr 24 Hr Accum Precip mm
TP24hr Total Precipitation(24 hours) mm
TP24hr_avg 24hr Precip Ensemble Mean mm
TP24hr_perts 24hr Precip Perturbations mm
TP24hr_std 24hr Precip Ensemble Std Dev mm
TP24mean 24-hr Total Precip mean mm
TP24sprd 24-hr Total Precip sprd mm
TP36hr 36 Hr Accum Precip mm
TP3c1 3-hr POP > 0.01 in %
TP3c2 3-hr POP > 0.05 in %
TP3c3 3-hr POP > 0.10 in %
TP3c4 3-hr POP > 0.25 in %
TP3c5 3-hr POP > 0.50 in %
TP3c6 3-hr POP > 1.00 in %
TP3c7 3-hr POP > 1.50 in %
TP3c8 3-hr POP > 2.00 in %
TP3hr 3 Hr Accum Precip mm
TP3hr Total Precipitation(3 hours) mm
TP3mean 3-hr Total Precip mean mm
TP3sprd 3-hr Total Precip sprd mm
TP48hr 48 Hr Accum Precip mm
TP48hr Total Precipitation(48 hours) mm
TP6c1 6-hr POP > 0.01 in %
TP6c2 6-hr POP > 0.05 in %
TP6c3 6-hr POP > 0.10 in %
TP6c4 6-hr POP > 0.25 in %
TP6c5 6-hr POP > 0.50 in %
TP6c6 6-hr POP > 1.00 in %
TP6c7 6-hr POP > 1.50 in %
TP6c8 6-hr POP > 2.00 in %
TP6hr 6 Hr Accum Precip mm
TP6hr Total Precipitation(6 hours) mm
TP6hr_avg 6hr Precip Ensemble Mean mm
TP6hr_perts 6hr Precip Perturbations mm
TP6hr_std 6hr Precip Ensemble Std Dev mm
TP6mean 6-hr Total Precip mean mm
TP6sprd 6-hr Total Precip sprd mm
TP72hr 3 Day Total Gridded Precip mm
TP9hr Total Precipitation(9 hours) mm
TP_ACR ACR Precip in
TP_ALR ALR Precip in
TP_avg Precip Ensemble Mean mm
TP_ECMWF ECMWF Precipitation in
TP_ECMWF12hr ECMWF 12 Hr Accum Precip in
TP_FWR FWR Precip in
TP_HPC HPC Precip in
TP_KRF KRF Precip in
TP_MSR MSR Precip in
TP_ORN ORN Precip in
TP_perts Precip Perturbations mm
TP_PTR PTR Precip in
TP_RHA RHA Precip in
TP_RSA RSA Precip in
TP_std Precip Ensemble Std Dev mm
TP_STR STR Precip in
TP_TAR TAR Precip in
TP_TIR TIR Precip in
TP_TUA TUA Precip in
TPFI Turbulence Index
TPFI Turbulence Potential Forecast Index
TP-GFS Total Precipitation for GFS mm
tpHPC HPC Precip in
tpHPCndfd Precipitation mm
TPmodel Model Run Precip mm
TPrun Run Accum Pcpn mm
TPrun_avg Accum Precip Ensemble Mean mm
TPrun_perts Accum Precip Perturbations mm
TPrun_std Accum Precip Ensemble Std Dev mm
TPx12x6 12-6 Hr Accum Precip mm
TPx1x3 3x1 Hr Accum Precip mm
TPx3 3 Hr Accum Precip mm
TQIND TQ Index 12=Cold Pool 17=Embedded Convection C
TRANS Transpiration W/m^2
transparentMaritimeSky ft
transparentMaritimeSkySym ft
transparentSky ft
transparentSky2 ft
transparentSky3 ft
transparentSkySym ft
transparentSkySym2 ft
transparentSkySym3 ft
TransWind TransWind kts
TShrMi S=0-6km Shear Supports Scells
TSLSA 3 hr Pres Change hPa
TSNOW Total Snow kg/m^2
TSOIL Soil Temperature K
Tsprd Temperature spread K
TSRWE Total Snowfall Rate Water Equivalent kg/m^2/s
Tstk Temp Stack K
tTOT Total Totals C
TURB Turbulence Index
TV Virtual Temperature K
TW Wet Bulb Temp K
tWind Thermal Wind kn
tWindU U Component of Thermal Wind kn
tWindV V Component of Thermal Wind kn
TwMax Layer Max Wet-bulb Temperature K
TwMin Layer Min Wet-bulb Temperature K
Twstk Wet-bulb Temp Stack K
TxSM Filtered-500km Temp C
U-GWD Zonal Flux of Gravity Wave Stress N/m^2
UFLX Momentum Flux, U-Component N/m^2
uFX Geo Momentum m/s
ULWRF Comp Refl dBZ
ULWRF Upward Long-Wave Rad. Flux W/m^2
UPHL Updraft Helicity m^2/s^2
USTM U-Component of Storm Motion m/s
USWRF Reflectivity dBZ
USWRF Upward Short-Wave Radiation Flux W/m^2
uv2 Horz Variance m^2/s^2
uW u Component of Wind m/s
uW U-Component of Wind m/s
uWmean m/s
uWStk U Stack m/s
uzfwc Upper Zone Free Water Content %
uztwc Upper Zone Tension Water Content %
V-GWD Meridional Flux of Gravity Wave Stress N/m^2
VAdv Vorticity Adv /s*1.0E9
VAdvAdvection Vorticity Adv /s
VAPP Vapor Pressure Pa
VBDSF Visible Beam Downward Solar Flux W/m^2
VEG Vegetation %
vertCirc Vertical Circulation
VFLX Momentum Flux, V-Component N/m^2
VGP Vort Gen Param
VGTYP Vegetation Type Integer (0-13)
VII Vertically Integrated Ice (VII) kg/m^2
VILIQ Vertically Integrated Liquid (VIL) kg/m^2
Vis Visibility m
Vis Visibility m
visbyIFR mi
visbyLIFR mi
visbyMVFR mi
visbyVFR mi
Visc1 Prob Sfc Visibility < 1 mile %
Visc2 Prob Sfc Visibility < 3 miles %
Visc23 Prob Sfc Visibility < 5 miles %
visCat Categorical visibility
Viserranl Visibility Analysis Uncertainty m
Viserranl Visibility Error Analysis m
Visible Visible Imagery
VPT Virtual Potential Temperature K
VRATE Ventilation Rate m^2/s
vSmthW Verticall Smoothed Wind m/s
VSS Vertical Shear Speed /s
VSTM V-Component of Storm Motion m/s
VTMP Virtual Temperature K
vTOT Vertical Totals
VUCSH Vertical u-component shear /s
VV Vertical velocity m/s
VVCSH Vertical v-component shear /s
vW v Component of Wind m/s
vW V-Component of Wind m/s
vWmean m/s
vwpSample VWP Sample
VWSH Vertical Speed Shear /s
vWStk V Stack m/s
w2 Vert Variance m^2/s^2
WarmRainProbability Probability of Warm Rain %
water_depth Hillslope Water Depth in
WaterVapor Water Vapor Imagery K
WATR Water Runoff kg/m^2
WCD Warm Cloud Depth Approx.: Frzlvl-LCL Thickness m
WD Wind Direction (from which blowing) deg
WD Wind direction deg
WDea Wind Direction Analysis Uncertainity deg
WDEPTH Geometric Depth Below Sea Surface m
WDerranl Wind Direction Error Analysis deg
wDiv Wind Divergence /s
WDmean Wind Direction mean deg
WEASD Water Equiv accum snow depth m
WEASD Water Equivalent of Accumulated Snow Depth mm
WGH 5-Wave Geopotential Height gpm
WGH 5-wave geopotential height m
WGS Wind Gust Speed m/s
WGS Wind Gust Speed m/s
WGS1hr Max 1-hr Wind Gust Speed m/s
WGSea Wind Gust Speed Analysis Uncertainty m/s
WGSerranl Wind Gust Speed Error Analysis m/s
WGSMX1hr Max Hourly Wind Gust m/s
WILT Wilting Point Proportion
Wind Wind m/s
Wind_avg Wind Ensemble Mean m/s
Wind_perts Wind Perturbations m/s
Windmean Mean Wind kn
WINDPROB Wind Probability %
WMIXE Wind Mixing Energy J
WndChl Wind Chill K
WS Wind Speed m/s
WSc1 Prob SFC wind speed > 25 kt %
WSc2 Prob SFC wind speed > 34 kt %
WSc3 Prob SFC wind speed > 48 kt %
WSc4 Prob SFC wind speed > 50 kt %
WSc6 Prob SFC wind speed > 20 kt %
WSc7 Prob SFC wind speed > 30 kt %
WSc8 Prob SFC wind speed > 40 kt %
WSerranl Wind Speed Error Analysis m/s
WSmean Wind Speed mean m/s
wSp Wind speed m/s
wSp_001 Prob of Wind Grtn 40kts %
wSp_001_bin Binary Prob of Wind Grtn 40kts
wSp_001_perts Prob of Wind Grtn 40kts Perts
wSp_002 Prob of Wind Grtn 50kts %
wSp_002_bin Binary Prob of Wind Grtn 50kts
wSp_002_perts Prob of Wind Grtn 50kts Perts
wSp_003 Prob of Wind Grtn 60kts %
wSp_003_bin Binary Prob of Wind Grtn 60kts
wSp_003_perts Prob of Wind Grtn 60kts Perts
wSp_004 Prob of Wind Grtn 30kts %
wSp_004_bin Binary Prob of Wind Grtn 30kts
wSp_004_perts Prob of Wind Grtn 30kts Perts
wSp_avg Windspeed Ensemble Mean m/s
wSp_perts Windspeed Perturbations m/s
wSp_std Windspeed Ensemble Std Dev m/s
wSpea Wind Speed Analysis Uncertainty kn
wSpmean Mean Windspeed kt
wSpsprd Windspread spread kt
WSsprd Wind Speed sprd m/s
WVDIR Direction of Wind Waves deg
WVdir Wind Wave Direction
wvHeight wvHeight m
WVHGT Significant Height of Wind Waves m
WVHGT Wind Wave Height m
WVLEN Mean length of wind waves m
WVPER Mean Period of Wind Waves s
WVPER Wind Wave Period s
wvPeriod wvPeriod
WVSTP Steepness of wind waves
wvType wvType
wW w Component of Wind cm/s
wx Weather
zAGL Height AGL m
ZDR Differential Reflectivity dB