Keyboard Shortcuts

D2D Menu Shortcuts

Action Command
Open a New Map Ctrl + N
Open a Display Ctrl + O
Save Display Ctrl + S
Save Display Locally Ctrl + Shift + S
Save KML Ctrl + K
Exit CAVE Alt + F4
Exit CAVE Ctrl + Q
Clear Data Ctrl + C
First Frame Ctrl + ←
Last Frame Ctrl + →
Step Back
Step Forward
Increase Loop Speed Page Up
Decrease Loop Speed Page Down
Open Time Options Ctrl + T
Toggle Image Combination Insert
Open Loop Properties Ctrl + L
Open Image Properties Ctrl + I

D2D All Tilts Shortcuts

Note: Requires all tilts product in main display panel

Action Command
Step Back 1 Volume
Step Forward 1 Volume
Step up 1 Elevation Angle
Step down 1 Elevation Angle
Jump to First Frame Ctrl + ←
Jump to Last Frame Ctrl + →
Jump to Highest Elevation Angle Ctrl + ↑
Jump to Lowest Elevation Angle Ctrl + ↓

D2D Numeric Keypad Shortcuts

Note: Num Lock must be enabled for these keystrokes to work

Action Command
Increase Brightness of Image 1, Decrease Image 2 [Numpad] +
Decrease Brightness of Image 1, Increase Image 2 [Numpad] -
Toggle Image Producted in Main Map On/Off [Numpad] 0
Toggle First 9 Graphic Products On/Off [Numpad] 1-9
Toggle Next 10 Graphic Prodcuts On/Off Shift + [Numpad] 0-9
Toggle Between Images 1 and 2 at Full Brightness [Numpad] .
Toggle Legend [Numpad] Enter

Panel Combo Rotate (PCR) Shortcuts

Note: These numbers refer to the ones at the top of the Keyboard

Action Command
Cycle Through PCR Products Delete
Return to 4 Panel View End
Cycle Back Through PCR Products Backspace
Display Corresponding Product 1-8

Text Editor Shortcuts

Action Command
Extend Selection to Start of Line Shift + Home
Extend Selection to End of Line Shift + End
Extend Selection to Start of Document Ctrl + Shift + Home
Extend Selection to End of Document Ctrl + Shift + End
Extend Selection Up 1 Screen Shift + Page Up
Extend Selection Down 1 Screen Shift + Page Down
Extend Selection to Previous Character Shift + ←
Extend Selection by Previous Word Ctrl + Shift + ←
Extend Selection to Next Character Shift + →
Extend Selection by Next Word Ctrl + Shift + →
Extend Selection Up 1 Line Shift + ↑
Extend Selection Down 1 Line Shift + ↓
Delete Previous Word Ctrl + Backspace
Delete Next Word Ctrl + Delete
Close the Window Ctrl + Shift + F4
Undo Ctrl + Z
Copy Ctrl + C
Paste Ctrl + V
Cut Ctrl + X