metpy.calc.bunkers_storm_motion(pressure, u, v, heights)[source]

Calculate the Bunkers right-mover and left-mover storm motions and sfc-6km mean flow.

Uses the storm motion calculation from [Bunkers2000].

  • pressure (array-like) – Pressure from sounding
  • u (array-like) – U component of the wind
  • v (array-like) – V component of the wind
  • heights (array-like) – Heights from sounding

  • right_mover (pint.Quantity) – U and v component of Bunkers RM storm motion
  • left_mover (pint.Quantity) – U and v component of Bunkers LM storm motion
  • wind_mean (pint.Quantity) – U and v component of sfc-6km mean flow