Contains functionality for making meteorological plots.


add_metpy_logo(fig[, x, y, zorder, size]) Add the MetPy logo to a figure.
add_timestamp(ax[, time, x, y, ha, …]) Add a timestamp to a plot.
add_unidata_logo(fig[, x, y, zorder, size]) Add the Unidata logo to a figure.
convert_gempak_color(c[, style]) Convert GEMPAK color numbers into corresponding Matplotlib colors.
read_colortable(fobj) Read colortable information from a file.


Hodograph([ax, component_range]) Make a hodograph of wind data.
SkewT([fig, rotation, subplot]) Make Skew-T log-P plots of data.
StationPlot(ax, x, y[, fontsize, spacing, …]) Make a standard meteorological station plot.
StationPlotLayout make a layout to encapsulate plotting using StationPlot.