Module to provide unit support.

This makes use of the pint library and sets up the default settings for good temperature support.


The unit registry used throughout the package. Any use of units in MetPy should import this registry and use it to grab units.



atleast_1d(*arrs) Convert inputs to arrays with at least one dimension.
atleast_2d(*arrs) Convert inputs to arrays with at least two dimensions.
check_units(*units_by_pos, **units_by_name) Create a decorator to check units of function arguments.
concatenate(arrs[, axis]) Concatenate multiple values into a new unitized object.
diff(x, **kwargs) Calculate the n-th discrete difference along given axis.
masked_array(data[, data_units]) Create a numpy.ma.MaskedArray with units attached.
pandas_dataframe_to_unit_arrays(df[, …]) Attach units to data in pandas dataframes and return united arrays.


PintAxisInfo(units) Support default axis and tick labeling and default limits.
PintConverter(registry) Implement support for pint within matplotlib’s unit conversion framework.


DimensionalityError(units1, units2[, dim1, …]) Raised when trying to convert between incompatible units.
UndefinedUnitError(unit_names) Raised when the units are not defined in the unit registry.