Tools for mimicing the API of the Common Data Model (CDM).

The CDM is a data model for representing a wide array of data. The goal is to be a simple, universal interface to different datasets. This API is a Python implementation in the spirit of the original Java interface in netCDF-Java.


cf_to_proj(var) Convert a Variable with projection information to a Proj.4 Projection instance.
deprecated(since[, message, name, …]) Mark a function or a class as deprecated.


AttributeContainer(**kwargs) Handle maintaining a list of netCDF attributes.
Dataset(**kwargs) Represents a set of data using the Common Data Model (CDM).
Dimension(**kwargs) Represent a shared dimension between different Variables.
Group(**kwargs) Holds dimensions and variables.
OrderedDict Dictionary that remembers insertion order
Variable(**kwargs) Holds typed data (using a numpy.ndarray), as well as attributes (e.g.