metpy.calc.apparent_temperature(temperature, rh, speed, face_level_winds=False)[source]

Calculate the current apparent temperature.

Calculates the current apparent temperature based on the wind chill or heat index as appropriate for the current conditions. Follows [NWS10201].

  • temperature (pint.Quantity) – The air temperature
  • rh (pint.Quantity) – The relative humidity expressed as a unitless ratio in the range [0, 1]. Can also pass a percentage if proper units are attached.
  • speed (pint.Quantity) – The wind speed at 10m. If instead the winds are at face level, face_level_winds should be set to True and the 1.5 multiplicative correction will be applied automatically.
  • face_level_winds (bool, optional) – A flag indicating whether the wind speeds were measured at facial level instead of 10m, thus requiring a correction. Defaults to False.

pint.Quantity – The corresponding apparent temperature value(s)