metpy.calc.tke(u, v, w, perturbation=False, axis=-1)[source]

Compute turbulence kinetic energy.

Compute the turbulence kinetic energy (e) from the time series of the velocity components.

  • u (array_like) – The wind component along the x-axis
  • v (array_like) – The wind component along the y-axis
  • w (array_like) – The wind component along the z-axis
  • perturbation ({False, True}, optional) – True if the u, v, and w components of wind speed supplied to the function are perturbation velocities. If False, perturbation velocities will be calculated by removing the mean value from each component.

array_like – The corresponding turbulence kinetic energy value

Other Parameters:

axis (int) – The index of the time axis. Default is -1

See also

Used to compute perturbations if perturbation is False.


Turbulence Kinetic Energy is computed as:

\[e = 0.5 \sqrt{\overline{u^{\prime2}} + \overline{v^{\prime2}} + \overline{w^{\prime2}}},\]

where the velocity components

\[u^{\prime}, v^{\prime}, u^{\prime}\]

are perturbation velocities. For more information on the subject, please see [Garratt1994].