metpy.calc.lat_lon_grid_spacing(longitude, latitude, **kwargs)[source]

Calculate the distance between grid points that are in a latitude/longitude format.

Calculate the distance between grid points when the grid spacing is defined by delta lat/lon rather than delta x/y

  • longitude (array_like) – array of longitudes defining the grid
  • latitude (array_like) – array of latitudes defining the grid
  • kwargs – Other keyword arguments to pass to Geod

dx, dy (2D arrays of distances between grid points in the x and y direction)


Accepts, 1D or 2D arrays for latitude and longitude Assumes [Y, X] for 2D arrays

Deprecated since version 0.8.0: Function has been replaced with the signed delta distance calculation lat_lon_grid_deltas and will be removed from MetPy in 0.11.0.