Model Surface Output

Plot an surface map with mean sea level pressure (MSLP), 2m Temperature (F), and Wind Barbs (kt).


from datetime import datetime

import as ccrs
import cartopy.feature as cfeature
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from metpy.units import units
from netCDF4 import num2date
import numpy as np
import scipy.ndimage as ndimage
from siphon.ncss import NCSS

Helper functions

# Helper function for finding proper time variable
def find_time_var(var, time_basename='time'):
    for coord_name in var.coordinates.split():
        if coord_name.startswith(time_basename):
            return coord_name
    raise ValueError('No time variable found for ' +

Create NCSS object to access the NetcdfSubset

Data from NCEI GFS 0.5 deg Analysis Archive

base_url = ''
dt = datetime(2018, 1, 4, 12)
ncss = NCSS('{}{dt:%Y%m}/{dt:%Y%m%d}/gfsanl_4_{dt:%Y%m%d}'
            '_{dt:%H}00_000.grb2'.format(base_url, dt=dt))

# Create lat/lon box for location you want to get data for
query = ncss.query().time(dt)
query.lonlat_box(north=65, south=15, east=310, west=220)

# Request data for model "surface" data
data = ncss.get_data(query)

Begin data maipulation

Data for the surface from a model is a bit complicated. The variables come from different levels and may have different data array shapes.

MSLP: Pressure_reduced_to_MSL_msl (time, lat, lon) 2m Temp: Apparent_temperature_height_above_ground (time, level, lat, lon) 10m Wind: u/v-component_of_wind_height_above_ground (time, level, lat, lon)

Height above ground Temp from GFS has one level (2m) Height above ground Wind from GFS has three levels (10m, 80m, 100m)

# Pull out variables you want to use
mslp = data.variables['Pressure_reduced_to_MSL_msl'][:].squeeze()
temp = units.K * data.variables['Apparent_temperature_height_above_ground'][:].squeeze()
u_wind = units('m/s') * data.variables['u-component_of_wind_height_above_ground'][:].squeeze()
v_wind = units('m/s') * data.variables['v-component_of_wind_height_above_ground'][:].squeeze()
lat = data.variables['lat'][:].squeeze()
lon = data.variables['lon'][:].squeeze()
time_var = data.variables[find_time_var(data.variables['Pressure_reduced_to_MSL_msl'])]

# Convert winds to knots

# Convert number of hours since the reference time into an actual date
time = num2date(time_var[:].squeeze(), time_var.units)

lev_10m = np.where(data.variables['height_above_ground3'][:] == 10)[0][0]
u_wind_10m = u_wind[lev_10m]
v_wind_10m = v_wind[lev_10m]

# Combine 1D latitude and longitudes into a 2D grid of locations
lon_2d, lat_2d = np.meshgrid(lon, lat)

# Smooth MSLP a little
# Be sure to only put in a 2D lat/lon or Y/X array for smoothing
smooth_mslp = ndimage.gaussian_filter(mslp, sigma=3, order=0) * units.Pa

Begin map creation

# Set Projection of Data
datacrs = ccrs.PlateCarree()

# Set Projection of Plot
plotcrs = ccrs.LambertConformal(central_latitude=[30, 60], central_longitude=-100)

# Create new figure
fig = plt.figure(figsize=(11, 8.5))

# Add the map and set the extent
ax = plt.subplot(111, projection=plotcrs)
plt.title('GFS Analysis MSLP, 2m Temperature (F), Wind Barbs (kt)'
          ' {0:%d %B %Y %H:%MZ}'.format(time), fontsize=16)
ax.set_extent([235., 290., 20., 55.])

# Add state boundaries to plot
states_provinces = cfeature.NaturalEarthFeature(category='cultural',
                                                scale='50m', facecolor='none')
ax.add_feature(states_provinces, edgecolor='black', linewidth=1)

# Add country borders to plot
country_borders = cfeature.NaturalEarthFeature(category='cultural',
                                               scale='50m', facecolor='none')
ax.add_feature(country_borders, edgecolor='black', linewidth=1)

# Plot MSLP Contours
clev_mslp = np.arange(0, 1200, 4)
cs = ax.contour(lon_2d, lat_2d, smooth_mslp, clev_mslp, colors='black', linewidths=1.5,
                linestyles='solid', transform=datacrs)
plt.clabel(cs, fontsize=10, inline=1, inline_spacing=10, fmt='%i',
           rightside_up=True, use_clabeltext=True)

# Plot 2m Temperature Contours
clevtemp = np.arange(-60, 101, 10)
cs2 = ax.contour(lon_2d, lat_2d,'degF')), clevtemp,
                 colors='tab:red', linewidths=1.25, linestyles='dotted',
plt.clabel(cs2, fontsize=10, inline=1, inline_spacing=10, fmt='%i',
           rightside_up=True, use_clabeltext=True)

# Plot 10m Wind Barbs
ax.barbs(lon_2d, lat_2d, u_wind_10m.magnitude, v_wind_10m.magnitude,
         length=6, regrid_shape=20, pivot='middle', transform=datacrs)

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