EDEX Data Decoder Plugins

acars Aircraft Communications Addressing and Reporting System observations
acarssounding Vertical profiles derived from ACARS data
airep Automated Aircraft Reports
airmet “Airmen’s Meteorological Information”: aviation weather advisories for potentially hazardous, but non-severe weather
atcf Automated Tropical Cyclone Forecast
aww Airport Weather Warning
binlightning Lightning data from the National Lightning Detection Network
bufrascat Advanced Scatterometer wind data
bufrhdw GOES High Density Winds
bufrmos Model Output Statistics
bufrmthdw MTSAT (Japanese Multi-Functional Transport Satellite) High Density Winds
bufrncwf National Convective Weather Forecast for Aviation
bufrobs BUFR formatted surface and sea obs
bufrquikscat NASA QuikSCAT (Quick Scatterometer) satellite carrying the SeaWinds scatterometer (OOS 2009)
bufrsigwx Aviation Significant Weather
bufrssmi Special Sensor Microwave/Imager data from DMSP (Defesne Meteorological Satellite Program) satellites
bufrua Upper air radiosonde data
ccfp Aviation Collaborative Convective Forecast Product
climate-hmdb Climate text products
convectprob NOAA/CIMSS Prob Severe Model
convsigmet Aviation Significant Meteorological Information for convective weather
crimss NPP/NPOESS CrIMSS (Cross Track Infrared and Microwave Sounding Suite) soundings
cwa Aviation Center Weather Advisory, issued by CWSUs (Center Weather Service Units)
dmw GOES-R Derived Motion Winds
ffg Flash flood guidance metadata (countybased ffg from RFCs)
fog Fog Monitor. Raw data inputs: METAR, Mesonet, maritime, buoys, MAROBs, and satellite [visible, 3.9 µm, and 10.7 µm])
freezingLevel MPE Rapid Refresh Freezing Level scheduled process (MpeRUCFreezingLevel)
gfe Graphical Forecast Editor grids
goesr Plugins to decode and display GOES-R products
goessounding GOES Satellite Soundings
gpd NCEP Generic Point Data
grid Binary gridded data grib1/grib2
idft Ice Drift Forecasts
intlsigmet International Significant Meteorological Information for Aviation
lma Lightning Mapping Array
lsr Local Storm Reports
manualIngest Manual data ingest plugin
mcidas NCEP decoder for McIDAS AREA files
metartohmdb Adds metar records to the Verification and Climate database
modelsounding Individual grid point soundings from the GFS and NAM models
modis NASA Moderate-resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer
ncpafm NCEP Point/Area Forecast Matrices data
ncscat NCEP ASCAT/Quikscat records
nctext NCEP Text decoders
ncuair NCEP Upper Air decoder
ndm National Dataset Maintenance ingester
nonconvsigmet Aviation Significant Meteorological Information for non-convective weather
ntrans NCCEP Ntrans Metafiles
nucaps Soundings from NOAA Unique CrIS/ATMS Processing System from NPP (National Polar-Orbiting Partnership) Satellites
obs Surface observations from METARs
pgen NCEP NAWIPS PGEN decoder
pirep Pilot Reports
poessounding Polar Operational Environmental Satellite soundings
radar WSR-88D and TDWR data
redbook Redbook graphics
regionalsat Decoder implementation for netcdf3 files generated by the Alaska Region and GOES-R Proving Ground
satellite-gini GINI-formatted satellite imagery (GOES, POES, VIIRS, FNEXRAD)
satellite-mcidas McIDAS area files (Raytheon/D2D-developed)
satpre Satellite-estimated Pecipiration (hydroApps)
sfcobs Surface observations other than METAR format including buoys
sgwh NCEP BUFR Significant Wave Height data - SGWH (Jason-1), SGWHA (Altika), SGWHC (CryoSat), SGWHE (Envisat), SGWHG (GFO), or SGWH2 (Jason-2)
shef Standard Hydrometeorological Exchange Format data.
solarimage NCEP SWPC Solar imagery
ssha NCEP Sea Surface Height Anomaly BUFR data
stormtrack NCEP StormTrack Plug-In (Automatic Tropical Cyclone Forecast & Ensemble cyclones)
svrwx SPC Local Storm Report Summaries
taf Terminal Aerodrome Forecasts
tcg Tropical Cyclone Guidance
tcm Tropical Cyclone Forecast/Advisory
tcs Tropical Cyclone Forecast/Advisory
text Various Text Products
textlightning Text lightning data
vaa Volcanic ash advisories
viirs Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite data
warning Watches, Warnings, and Advisories
wcp SPC Convective Watches