Bundles and Procedures

AWIPS contains two methods for saving and loading data resources: Bundles are a simple way to save loaded resources to access in future CAVE sessions. Procedures are similar to Bundles, but can be thought of a groups of bundles and allows the user to manage saved resources with more control.


File > Open Bundle

Load a previously-saved bundle from within the AWIPS system. The Open Bundle dialog allows you to select your own saved bundles as well as those saved by other users (and other localization-levels such as workstation).

Each selected bundle will load its contents to new tabs which are named after the bundle file name (e.g. NAM_ThetaE)


Most saved bundles will consist of a single Map Editor (tab), but with multiple tabs saved each will open again in its own Map Editor

File > Save Bundle

Save a product display within the AWIPS system, synching the bundle between CAVE and the EDEX server.

File > Delete Bundle

Select and remove a saved bundle under File > Delete Bundle. Select the file name and click OK and then confirm deletion to remove the saved file permanently.



Load Bundle from Local Disk

To load a previously-saved display from a path within the file directory of the workstation, select File > Open Bundle and then select the File button on the right to browse your local directories.


Save Bundle to Local Disk

To save a product display to a path within the file directory of the workstation, select File > Save Bundle and then select the File button on the right.


New Procedure

  • Select the menu File > Procedures > New
  • Select Copy Into to add all loaded resources to the Procedure Stack
  • Select Save (or Save As) and then enter a name for the Procedure before clicking OK to save.


Open Procedure

Similar to creating a new Procedure, select File > Procedures > Open, select the saved resources and click Load to load them to CAVE.

Delete Procedure

From the menu File > Procedures > Delete you can delete existing Procedure files in a way similar to deleting saved Bundle files.