Maps, Views, Projections

Default Map Scales

The first toolbar menu item is a dropdown menu for different geographic areas and map projections. The efault view is always CONUS, which is a North Polar Steregraphic projection centered on the Continental United States.

Default projections and areas available in the menu

  • N. Hemisphere (North Polar Stereographic)
  • Regional (for the selected localization site)
  • WFO (for the selected localization site)
  • World Mercator
  • World CED
  • World Mollweide
  • Geostationary (GOES East Full Disk)
  • and Regional Mercator projections for Africa, Australia/NZ, South America, Europe, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Japan, Pacific Ocean, and the north and south poles.

There is also a WFO submenu which contains a map scale for every NWS localization site.


New Map Editor / View

File > New Map

Opens a new map editor tab with the default projection (CONUS Polar Stereographic).


This can also be done by right-click on any tab and selecting New Editor


New Projection

File > New Projection

Create a new map projection.