NDBC Buoy Data Request (of any type)¶

The NDBC keeps a 40-day recent rolling file for each buoy. This examples shows how to access the other types of data available for a buoy.

from siphon.simplewebservice.ndbc import NDBC

Request the types of data available from a given buoy.

data_aval = NDBC.buoy_data_types('41002')


{'txt': 'standard meteorological data', 'spec': 'spectral wave summaries', 'data_spec': 'raw spectral wave data', 'swdir': 'spectral wave data (alpha1)', 'swdir2': 'spectral wave data (alpha2)', 'swr1': 'spectral wave data (r1)', 'swr2': 'spectral wave data (r2)', 'supl': 'supplemental measurements data'}

Get a pandas data frame of all of the observations, meteorological data is the default observation set to query.

df = NDBC.realtime_observations('41002', data_type='supl')

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