Installation Guide

Python 2.7 Support

In the Fall 2019, we will be dropping support for Python 2.7. This follows movement from other packages within the scientific Python ecosystem. This includes:

The last release of Siphon before this time (Spring or Summer 2019) will be the last that support Python 2.7. This version of Siphon will not receive any long term support or additional bug fix releases after the next minor release. The packages for this version will remain available on Conda or PyPI.


In general, Siphon tries to support minor versions of dependencies released within the last two years. For Python itself, that means supporting the last two minor releases, as well as currently supporting Python 2.7.

Siphon currently supports the following versions of required dependencies:
  • requests >= 1.2
  • numpy >= 1.8.0
  • protobuf >= 3.0.0
  • beautifulsoup4>=4.6
  • pandas
Installation Instructions for NumPy can be found at:


The easiest way to install Siphon is through pip:

pip install siphon

The source code can also be grabbed from GitHub. From the base of the source directory, run:

python install

This will build and install Siphon into your current Python installation.


The Siphon source comes with a set of examples in the examples/ directory.

These examples are also seen within the documentation in the Siphon Examples.