Changes the EDEX host the Data Access Framework is communicating with.


host: the EDEX host to connect to

awips.dataaccess.ModelSounding.getSounding(modelName, weatherElements, levels, samplePoint, timeRange=None)[source]

Performs a series of Data Access Framework requests to retrieve a sounding object based on the specified request parameters.


modelName: the grid model datasetid to use as the basis of the sounding. weatherElements: a list of parameters to return in the sounding. levels: a list of levels to sample the given weather elements at samplePoint: a lat/lon pair to perform the sampling of data at. timeRange: (optional) a list of times, or a TimeRange to specify which forecast hours to use. If not specified, will default to all forecast hours.


A _SoundingCube instance, which acts a 3-tiered dictionary, keyed by DataTime, then by level and finally by weather element. If no data is available for the given request parameters, None is returned.