Python AWIPS Data Access Framework

The python-awips package provides a data access framework for requesting meteorological and geographic datasets from an EDEX server.

AWIPS is a weather display and analysis package developed by the National Weather Service for operational forecasting. NSF Unidata supports a non-operational open-source release of the AWIPS software (EDEX, CAVE, and python-awips).

Pre-requisite Software

In order to effictively use python-awips you’ll need to have these installed already:
  • python3

  • conda

  • git (for the source code and examples installation)

Package-Only Install

If you already work with Python, you might just be interested in how to install the python-awips pacakge. The package can be installed with either of the two well known package managers: pip and conda.

Pip Install

pip install python-awips

Conda Install

conda install -c conda-forge python-awips

Source Code with Examples Install

Below are instructions on how to install the source code of python-awips, with all included example notebooks. This will create a new conda environment called python3-awips and start up a browser for the jupyter notebook examples.

git clone
cd python-awips
conda env create -f environment.yml
conda activate python-awips-v20
jupyter notebook examples

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