IDataRequest (newDataRequest())

class awips.dataaccess.IDataRequest[source]

An IDataRequest to be submitted to the DataAccessLayer to retrieve data.


list of weak references to the object (if defined)

abstract addIdentifier(key, value)[source]

Adds an identifier to the request. Identifiers are specific to the datatype being requested.


key: the string key of the identifier value: the value of the identifier

abstract getDatatype()[source]

Gets the datatype of the request


the datatype set on the request

abstract getEnvelope()[source]

Gets the envelope on the request


a rectangular shapely geometry

abstract getIdentifiers()[source]

Gets the identifiers on the request


a dictionary of the identifiers

abstract getLevels()[source]

Gets the levels on the request


a list of strings of the levels

abstract getLocationNames()[source]

Gets the location names on the request


a list of strings of the location names

abstract setDatatype(datatype)[source]

Sets the datatype of the request.


datatype: A string of the datatype, such as “grid”, “radar”, “gfe”, “obs”

abstract setEnvelope(env)[source]

Sets the envelope of the request. If supported by the datatype factory, the data returned for the request will be constrained to only the data within the envelope.


env: a shapely geometry

abstract setLevels(levels)[source]

Sets the levels of data to request. Not all datatypes support levels.


levels: a list of strings of level abbreviations to request

abstract setLocationNames(locationNames)[source]

Sets the location names of the request.


locationNames: a list of strings of location names to request

abstract setParameters(params)[source]

Sets the parameters of data to request.


params: a list of strings of parameters to request