Complete by Thursday, January 7th, 2021

Students interested in joining this workshop will need to register in advance. We’ll need your GitHub user ID in order to provision the JupyterHub resources you’ll be using. If you don’t already have a GitHub ID yet, don’t worry — they’re easy to create and the accounts are free: GitHub.

Workshop Kickoff
Sunday, January 10th, 2021
(Session A: 1:00 pm EST to 1:30 pm EST,
Session B: 1:30 pm EST to 2:00 pm EST)

We will offer two 30-minute sessions with the intent to kick-start the workshop. Each session will cover the same material, and each is limited to 100 participants. Interested students will need to register for this workshop: see the registration link above. The deadline to register is 8:00 pm EST on January 7th, 2021. The only requirement is that you have a GitHub account prior to the workshop. No experience with GitHub or Python are necessary to participate!

Each session will begin with a 10 minute overview, followed by a 15 minute, small group (10 students or less per group) breakout session. These sessions will take place in a Zoom meeting hosted by the American Meteorological Society. The following topics will be covered:

  • asynchronous workshop resources

  • accessing the JupyterHub server

  • a tour of the JupyterHub environment:

    • exploring the interface and opening a notebook

    • executing notebook cells

    • creating a new notebook

    • importing/exporting notebooks

  • where to go for help

  • information about the workshop showcase

Participants will be working in a Unidata Science Gateway JupyterHub environment throughout the week, so it is critical that these small group sessions are attended by those interested in participating in the workshop. Students are encouraged to pair up into small groups to work on the projects as a team, although it is possible to tackle projects solo.

Asynchronous Workshop
Throughout the week of AMS
(January 10th — January 14th, 2021)

The week of AMS will largely be a period of asynchronous exploration. The GitHub Discussions area of the repository is a great place to post questions and interact with other workshop participants asynchronously. Workshop instructors will hold multiple formal “office hours” sessions throughout the week to assist participants directly as they progress through their workshop projects. Office hours will be held on a platform called Airmeet, where the first step in getting support is as easy as pulling up a chair at a virtual table (no, seriously, we have tables). The office hour schedule is:

  • Monday, January 11th from 11:00 am EST - 1:00 pm EST

  • Tuesday, January 12th from 11:00 am EST - 1:00 pm EST, and 3:30 pm EST - 4:00 pm EST

  • Wednesday, January 13th from 11:00 am EST - 1:00 pm EST

  • Thursday, January 14th from 11:00 am EST - 1:00 pm EST, and 3:30 pm EST - 4:00 pm EST

  • Friday, January 15th from 11:00 am EST - 1:00 pm EST

While Unidata staff will be monitoring email/social media for questions, we hope the office hours will provide some structure to the otherwise nebulous nature of this period of the workshop.

Office hours are also posted on the Unidata Virtual AMS Booth page.


During office hours, you can join the Airmeet video conference (or click the big button on the Unidata booth page).

Post AMS

Support from the staff at Unidata does not stop at the end of the week! The same instructors you interact with at the workshop will be available after AMS through the usual support channels offered by Unidata, only now you will have a face to go with the help (and so will we!).