MetPy is a collection of tools in Python for reading, visualizing, and performing calculations with weather data. MetPy supports Python >= 3.6 and is freely available under a permissive open source license.

If you’re new to MetPy, check out our Getting Started guide.

User Guide

The user guide provides in-depth information on how to use MetPy, including how to get started. This is where to look for general conceptual descriptions on how to use parts of MetPy, like its support for XArray or units.

Reference Guide

The reference guide contains detailed descriptions on every function and class within MetPy. This is where to turn to understand how to use a particular feature or where to search for a specific tool.

Developer Guide

Want to help make MetPy better? Found something that's not working quite right? You can find instructions on how to contribute to MetPy here. You can also find detailed descriptions on tools useful for developing MetPy.


Check out MetPy's gallery of examples which contains sample code demonstrating various parts of MetPy's functionality.


Development is supported by the National Science Foundation through grants AGS-1344155, OAC-1740315, and AGS-1901712.