Install Guide


In general, MetPy tries to support minor versions of dependencies released within the last two years. For Python itself, that generally means supporting the last two minor releases; MetPy currently supports Python >= 3.6.

  • matplotlib >= 2.1.0

  • numpy >= 1.16.0

  • pandas >= 0.24.0

  • pint >= 0.10.1

  • pooch >= 0.1

  • pyproj >= 2.3.0

  • scipy >= 1.0.0

  • traitlets >= 4.3.0

  • xarray >= 0.14.1


The easiest way to install MetPy is through pip:

pip install metpy

If you are a user of the Conda package manager, there are also up-to-date packages for MetPy (as well as its dependencies) available from the conda-forge channel:

conda install -c conda-forge metpy

The source code can also be grabbed from GitHub. From the base of the source directory, run:

pip install .

This will build and install MetPy into your current Python installation.

Working With Conda

MetPy Monday videos #1, #2, and #3 demonstrate how to install the conda package manager and Python packages, and how to work with conda environments.


The MetPy source comes with a set of example scripts in the examples directory. These are also available as notebooks in the Example Gallery.