Unidata Python Training Workshop

Using Python to solve atmospheric science problems

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2017 Regional Workshop at University of Wisconsin

  • When: 5-8 June 2017
  • Where: Madison, WI

Before the workshop


Let us know how we did and take the survey. (Feel free to take the survey multiple times during the workshop.)

Ask questions and take notes on the Etherpad for the workshop.

Monday, June 5th

Time Section Presenter Length
9:00 Introductions and Overview All 0:15
9:15 Software carpentry for science with git Ryan 1:00
10:15 Break   0:10
10:25 Conda and package management John 1:00
11:25 Jupyter notebooks John 0:40
12:05 Lunch   1:15
13:20 Primer Ryan 0:30
13:50 Time Series Plotting Ryan 1:30
15:20 Break   0:10
15:30 Upper Air and the Skew-T Log-P John 1:30
17:00 End of day 1    

Tuesday, June 6th

Time Section Presenter Length
9:00 Review and Questions All 0:10
9:10 Surface Data with Siphon/MetPy Ryan 1:30
10:40 Break   0:10
10:50 Working with Satellite Data John 1:30
12:20 Lunch   1:15
13:35 Accessing Model Data with Siphon/MetPy Ryan 1:30
15:05 Break   0:10
15:15 Command Line Tool Creation John 1:30
16:45 Wrap up All 0:20
17:00 End of day 2    

Wednesday, June 7th


  • CAVE Perspective overview (D2D and NCP)
  • Gridded forecast models, satellite and radar imagery
  • Point & upper air obs, hazards, NSHARP
  • Map projections and product bundles
  • GEMPAK Capabilities in AWIPS
  • AWIPS site and user localization
  • Python API data access in the cloud
  • Grid rendering with Matplotlib
  • BUFR UA and sounding plots with MetPy
  • Imagery and polygon plots (Cartopy & Shapely)

Thursday, June 8th

Hack Day! Come for a day of working on code with Unidata developers:

  • Learn how to use GitHub to contribute to open source projects
  • Work on contributions (code, documentation, examples) to MetPy and Siphon
  • Get assistance using MetPy, Siphon, etc. on your own projects